Saturday, August 15, 2020

Tallarn Rough Rider fixing WIP

I bought these guys years ago on eBay. It shipped from China.... didn't realize it at the time, so I have a strong suspicion that I inadvertently bought fakes. That said, the molds are good, and didn't require too much fixing.

The big place these guys did need was their lances. Plastic lances are just bent and look like crap. I had a bunch of brass rod lying around for pinning figs, but it looked perfect to replace the lances. With some micro drills in hand, I fixed 2 of the lances on these guys. Only 1 of them needed the front of the lance fixed. The other guy required BOTH parts in front and behind his hand repaired. Resin is a double edges sword. GREAT detail... but also thing parts flex and bend. Then again, it's also easy to cut with a hobby knife, and you can always do the hot water bath to fix bent stuff..

Sarg is in the middle. He didn't need any brass but I did have to cut off some of the flash. 4 to go..

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