Thursday, August 25, 2016

Saga: Dark Age Fun

At NJCon15 last year, I found a quiet corner outside the main convention hall where a number of people were playing a skirmish game called "Saga". I'd heard of it, and have always wanted to get into dark ages but never got into it.. Until now. The guy in charge was very nice and we played a 4 point demo game. Then I started watching the History Channel show "Vikings", as well as the BBC show "The Last Kingdom", which is a bit better since its based on the Bernard Cromwell Books. Started reading those too.. Excellent subway reading.

Saga itself is actually quite easy. You roll dice, and place these dice on a "battle board" which allows you to activate units and buff your guys, or debuff your opponents. There's "Fatigue" in which your guys get tired, and your opponent gets to "spend" this fatigue to do more things (or prevent your guys from doing things).  An ingenious system.

So I went and bought 2 Crusader Miniatures armies for Saga; a Viking 4 point force, and an Anglo Saxon 4 point force.

4 points means you have 4 units, and the size of the unit depends on what it is. There are only 3 types of units in the game, Hirthguard (elites), Warriors (normal), and Levies (crap), and 1 point will buy one of these units. 1 point will buy 4 Hirthguard, 8 warriors, or 12 levies, so it evens out. Each faction has it own special weapon that you can give to a unit.  The vikings for example get to have one of their elite units be "berserkers", so they get more attack dice, but less defense. You can also get mounted troops, Dane Axes, slings, and a few other things. The main meat of a faction is in the battle boards which are unique to the faction, and give each of them their flavor. You also get a warlord for free, and if he dies, game over.

Ok, enough rules review (there are plenty online anyway). I just finished painting up all the hirthguard for both my vikings, and their anglo saxon opponents. Technically Anglo Saxons and Anglo Danes by this point looked pretty much the same (everybody's got a huge colorful shield and was hairy), so they could port to that too, which is a nice 2 for 1. The Vikings meanwhile can pass as Jomsvikings so again a good 2 for 1 faction.

Anyway, here are the figs. I used Little Big Men Studios ( transfers for the shields since they look fantastic, and I didn't want to have to paint them myself, memories of WFB Savage Orcs and Bretonians from my past come to mind. To differentiate them, the Saxons have no iron rim on their shields, and the Vikings will all have a rim. I figured its a good subtle difference that will show. I *might* put a red dot on the Vikings' bases. We'll see.

First the Berserkers:

Then the Viking Hirthguard with 2 handed axes:

And finally the Anglo Saxons with their dane axes (and slung shields):

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quick Troll Army Update...

I havent really posted anything recently of the current state of the Troll army so I figured I would post a shot of what I have painted minus 3 fire breathers. So here it is, all 271pts of it:

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Something Silly...

I have been reading the Warmachine Forums since last Friday and people seem to be freaking out over Doomshaper 3 and this is all I can think of:

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Eowyn: Better late than never

I'm a bit embarrassed by this post. This particular project has taken me about 5 years to actually do. And by "project", I mean, these two figures of Eowyn from Lord of the Rings.  My wife is very patient with my hobby and I suggested that I could paint her a figure of her choice. She chose Eowyn. Eowyn's a badass, so no problems there. I started painting the figures about 5 years ago, but didn't get round to highlighting the figure, didn't know how to do the armor correctly, other projects got in the way (since I technically couldn't use her for battle. I don't own any other LOTR figs), and so it languished, through 3 different apartments, and 2 different cities.

However, with the impending birth of a baby daughter on the way (very excited about that), I realized that I had to get moving on my various miniature projects or else they may NEVER get done. And it took about 2 hours to get her done. Either way, here's Eowyn, with my new found love of static grass and boulders. The eyes were quite hard to do, but her cape and armor came out really well. The blond hair also worked quite nicely.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Mighty Kraken Complete! (kind of)

Basically my two favorite models in all of Warmachine are the Mountain King and the Kraken, so when I got the Kraken for my birthday I just couldn't help working on it right away.  Currently I would say I am actually 95% done. After taking these pics and taking a closer look at it I realized there are a bunch of things left that I should go back and touch up. I really like the OSL on the bottom of the main gun and I feel some of the OSL on the main body just aren't up to par (smoke stacks and the two sections on the main armor plate in the front specifically). I also want to do some more work on the rivets to help break up the scheme a bit more and I am very much going to go back to the base and add some gore beneath the "Intake Valves" to help tie the model more to the base.

The White Walkers Continue...Banelord Tartarus Complete!

So right now I am focusing on two specific lists after doing some play testing with most of my casters. I have narrowed it down to a tiered Epic Goreshade list and a Terminus list (totally reminds me of playing Tyranids lol). The first list I am working on is Goreshade's...which means Banes...lots of Banes. So I decided to paint the biggest, baddest bane of them all, Banelord Tartarus.

I wanted to work on the OSL for this model and really focused on the light effects from the souls that make up his legs. I tried to go really bright with the souls and the runes on his axe to add visual interest. Despite being a fairly subdued army colour wise I really want to inject some brightness with the blue glow. So here he is:

Monday, June 1, 2015

Rise of the White Walker - Bane Knight unit Complete!

So I am sure many people will remember a while ago I had some posts of the Retribution of Scyrah army. Started of red with blue OSL and then dark green with light green OSL. While I was somewhat happy with my dark green scheme I didnt enjoy painting it and it was simply way too close to my Dark Eldar's scheme. I never was able to fall in love with painting that army so I eventually traded it for the one army in Warmachine I DID want to paint, and that is the Cryx.

Unlike the Retribution army from day one I knew exactly how I wanted to paint them. I have always loved the undead horde on the Game of Thrones, the White Walkers. I love the blue glow combined with the look of the undead. That idea plus the fact that I personally found the green "Cryx" glow has been done to death and I knew I wanted to do something different. So I went with a snow themed army that used a couple different shades of blue that feature an ultra bright/light blue glow for the "power sources" and a dark grey/blue for the cloth with a few spot colours thrown in. For the armor I didn't want to just do rust again and I figured it would look better with a weathered copper and steel. Below are my first batch of test figs: