Sunday, March 8, 2015

Magnetizing Protectorate Plastic Warjack

So I finally had some time to do some modelling. I didn't do any painting, but I did magnetize the Protectorate Plastic Warjack kit. Its actually 3 heavy warjacks in 1; a Crusader, a Templar, and a Vanquisher, all of which use the heavy warjack Crusader chassis. Awesome stuff. After looking at this forum link on the Privateer Press Forum about how to magnetize the jack, I tried it myself.  These are the results. I didn't use 1/4" x 1/32" disc magnets.  I used 2 x 1/8" x 1/32" discs.

I won't go into detail on each photo, so hopefully its self evident. And at the end I have a few shots of all the options. I think it came out really well so can't wait to paint this dude up. My original Crusader is unmagnetized but my favorite figure from the Menoth army. I also used greenstuff to set the magnet for the Templar's shield, and I didn't magnetized the head. Just used the Templar head since it looks awesome. All cutting and drilling was done with a dremel round mill, and an exacto blade.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dozer Complete...Finally!

There isn't much difference between this and the last WIP pic, I just wanted to post some better pics of him. He is easily the most fun model I have painted for my Trolls, love the fig overall. The only thing that is a bit "off" with him is how insanely big he is. He is basically halfway between my Mauler and the Mountain King which is crazy. Although, with that being said all Trolls, including the re-sculpts of the Scatter Gunners and Warriors are all a larger scale. Bearka for instance is about as big as a Troll Axer if you could take him off the Bear.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Jarl Complete!

Even though I finally have the finished pictures of Dozer I figured I would give everyone a break and post something new. Below is Jarl Skuld, one of my favorite Troll casters both in regards to his model and to his rules. I really like how dynamic the posing is on this model, especially in comparison to some of the other figs. I am looking forward to finishing some more of my other Casters, although lately I find I am just having too much fun playing Epic Borka and I can't really seem to move on from him. Also, I am currently working on my unit of Warriors which is maybe the most painful thing I have tried to paint for Trolls. I *must* finish them before I move onto anything else lol.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dozer and Smig WIP #3

Okay, so this isnt much of a "WIP" as he is almost finished. I have a few touch ups to do as well as finishing his base, other than that he is mostly complete. I gotta say he was one of the most fun models I have painted in a long time. All his details were so big and bold, lots of large areas to work with. I am starting to get really happy with how the rust effect is coming along for this army. Almost becoming second nature doing it. The green also is a nice splash of colour which I am going to incorporate into the Warriors when I start working on them to help make them stand out against the Fens and Scatter Gunners (which look very similar to each other). This weekend I will bust out the light box and take some final pics of Dozer. I have a few other smaller projects to post shortly as well.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dozer and Smig WIP #2

Over the weekend I got in another good chunk of time. I finished the last of his main body and both his arms. I also almost finished Smigg (little troll riding his back) and the main gun. I *should* be able to finish him after work over the week and have the final pics up by this weekend. Been tonnes of fun so far.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dozer and Smig WIP #1

I got a good 5 hours of painting over the weekend on this guy. I decided like any of the bigger models I have painted I was going to paint this guy in sections. One of the really nice things about him is how seamlessly his joints fit together, so its a non issue keeping him in pieces. The first thing I am going to finish is the main body. Once that is done then I can start adding all the extra pieces like his cannon and Smig. Here are some pics of the initial round of WIP shots.

I am hoping to get some more work this week, specifically on the armor. Once that is done it will just be small details and finished.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Privateer Press is Upping Their Game...

When trying to get friends (specifically 40k friends) into playing Warmachine/Hordes the single biggest gripe is how bad the models look. I will be honest that is why it took me so long to get into WM myself. Now that I am into the game my biggest gripe so far has been how impossibly terrible the materials they use for the models actually are. The metal is fine, its metal although sometimes how they fit or where they decide to break a model up leaves much to be desired. The plastic though...ugh. It's so terrible. Mold lines everywhere, normally across major detail, like around the mouth of the Storm Troll for example. That is all changing, and fast.

With Privateer Press's most recent release they have started using a new Resin for single characters and GW style hard plastic model kits for their large models. Both are massive jumps in quality versus what they used to employ. I recently picked up the new Dozer and Smig character Dire Troll. Check out how incredibly crisp this model is right out of the box. Virtually no clean up (small bits here and there).

With all my other Dire Trolls (especially the EBDT and Mulg) I had a couple hours worth of clean up and putty work just to get them to fit together and cover up the huge gaps were pieces didnt fit. Not this guy. Dry fitting him has almost no gaps. I will need almost no green stuff to actually complete him. I am going go paint him in stages starting this weekend (more pics). I am super excited that this is the direction Privateer Press is going as it looks like all new kits are this quality.