Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chimera in prep for new IG codex

So the quality of minis on this site is getting better and better. I'm going to take it down a notch with my latest edition, an IG chimera. Took a while to finish him, but he's finally ready. Now I gotta finish up the other 3 so I can have an armored platoon when the new codex comes out on May.. Also have to figure out where to put the ForgeWorld Tallarn tank commander I have. I'm thinking i'll put him in a chimera as the command vehicle for the mobile platoon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Guard rumors confirmed

My local GW store has an advanced copy of the new IG codex. I spent the better part of a 1/2 looking at it yesterday. Here is what I picked out of it, the ref sheet that was leaked was correct for everything I compared it to. The Squadron idea is true for almost every vehicle (ie hellhounds, tanks and artillery) and it is any combination of those vehicles so you can have a Medusa and a Basilisk in the same unit. The average guard squad is 50 pts for the 10 guardsmen, in addition veterans and penal troops are the other troop choices. Comd squads dropped a fair amount in points Russ tanks start at 150 and go up, way up for plasma sponsons. All of the special characters listed in the rumours are there but a bunch of them are upgrade character for your Platoon Commanders or Veteran Squad Commanders. The new Elite choices are going to be fighting for a spot in the army, storm troopers, ratlings, orgyns, enginseers (who now repairs on a 5+ and can have 5 servitors) and the primaris psyker squad with two crazy powers (large blast at Str = # of psykers or unit within 24" is Ld - # of psykers in unit for the rest of the turn to minimum of 2). The adviser units are cool and I think we will see them here and there but the Master of Ordance always scatters even if you roll the hit it scatters in the direction of the arrow on top, but if he can see where he is shooting then you can subtract his BS. Hydras are 75 pts and come with 2 twin linked long barrel Autocannons, they can also be taken in Sqns. Orders are as they were rumoured, the Coy Comd can issue 2 and Pl Comd can issue 1. Creed can issue 4 of them and another awesome one that makes the unit fearless and give furious charge. Valkyries are 100 pts and are just listed as fast skimmers so they will only move 24" flat out which is a good thing IMO.

All in all I would say that it is going to make the guard one of the better armies but it is another case of way to many shiny new toys in one book so you won't see them all in one list. The biggest thing for me was, I need to start painting more guardsmen!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Legio Cybernetica vs Task Force Redemption

Report of Fallen on Falintime VI, 2 x Fallen have constructed an army of thinking machine called the "Legio Cybernetica". Elements of 1st and 2nd Company lead by Capt Belial and Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas. Prime Objective: The Fallen must be captured and force to repent at all costs! Secondary Objective: The distruction of all the heretical machines.
+++++REPORT ENDS+++++

This was a Deathwing (played by Paul Levy) vs RavenDeathwing. This was the final game at King Con II (Kingston's annual gaming convention), thanks again to the organizers for doing such a great job!!

My army list was:

Belieal with Lightning claws

Interrogator-Chaplain in Termy armour

Belial Comd Squad with 3 Lighting Claws, 2 x TH/SS with Cyclone, Standard and Apothocary (nasty unit, 15 LC attacks each and rerolling and wound to hit plus Belials 5 lightning claw and the Chappies 4 Power weapon attacks, coupled with 8 TH attacks ouch!)

2 x Termy squads with Assault cannon, Chain fist one squad with a TH/SS

Termy squad with Hvy Flamer, Chain fist and lightning claw

Termy squad with Hvy Flamer, Chain fist and lightning claw

Fast Atk
Ravenwing Atk Sqn with 6 bikes and 2 meltaguns, Atk bike with Multimelta, Sgt with PF, Meltabombs and Plasma Pistol

Paul's Deathwing

Belial with Lighting Claws

2 x Dreadnoughts with Lascannon and Missile Launcher

3 x Terminator Squads with Assault cannon and Chain fist
1 x Terminator squads with Hvy Flamer and Chain fist
1 x Terminator Squad with Cyclone Missile Launcher
1 x Terminator Squad with TH/SS and Cyclone Missile Launcher

We were playing a normal game with the 12" deployment zone and each of us having an objective in our deployment zones. The secondary objective was one of the models or squads in the army was carrying crypto codes and by killing that model you got the codes. Paul gave the codes to the terminator squad he positioned on his objective and I gave mine to the Comd squad. Paul won the role for first turn and deployed across the length of the board.

Given his deployment I wanted to use the Ravenwing to have the majority of my army fighting the smallest amount of his army. With both the objectives on my left flank, I focused there with all the bikes.

With the latest FAQ for the main rule book, it is now ok for bikes with the scout special rule to turbo boost for their scout move. The Ravenwing zoomed across the table using the terrain to mask their movements as much as possible. I tried to steal the initiative but failed miserably with a 1. So the game commenced!

Legio Turn 1
As expected the Legio's wasn't happy about these bikers sneaking around on their flanks, so they executed assault pattern bravo kill them all and moved into position to take out as many bikers as possible. They were successful in only killing 2 bikes but those bikes were the Sgt and a meltagun.

TFR Turn 1
That wasn't enough and the bikes now had visual confirmation of the Fallen. Time to call in the Deathwing. I deep struck 3 full squads (2 x Hvy flamer squads and the Comd Squad with Belial and Boreas). I made sure to position them so that the 2 Hvy Flamer squads would be be charged and allowed my Comd Squad to charge next turn. My remaining bikes swung around to engage the Dreadnought with their melta weapons with the atk bike's multimelta turning the Dread into slag. The the combined fire of 3 squads was enough to take down several of the blasphemis machines.

After TFR shooting

Legio Turn 2
The infernal machines began marching forward towards TFR. Several of the units who were woefully out of position. Legio Commander advanced with his squad of TH/SS while 2 other units of Cybernetic monstosities moved to trap TFR in the center. One of the inital Legio squads attacked the closest TFR squad killing 2 but losing 3 of their own in the process.

TFR Turn 2
Another terminator squad zeroed in on the homing beacons produced by the bikes and teleported in to provide supporting fire. The bikes repositioned to deal with one of the flanking squads and brought a TFR Hvy Flamer squad with them. Belial yelled a war cry and the Comd Squad rushed forward into the Legio's TH/SS squad lead by the mad tinkerer. In the ensueing hand to hand both Belials died along with the entire TH/SS unit leaving Boreas directing the battle on behalf of TFR.

Legio Turn 3
With the right flank of the Legio destroyed the Cognitor engines attempted to stop the crushing advance of TFR. The remaining Dreadnought advanced towards the biggest concentration of enemies killing one with his lascannon. The remaining Legio units advanced towards the same concentration. Bother Lazarus one of the Hvy Flamer terminators continued to fight on despite losing the rest of his squad in combat.

TFR Turn 3
The bikes of the Ravenwing rush forward again to take down the remaining Dreadnought. They are sucessful and the massive killing monstrocity suffers a violent explosion. Boreas leading the Comd Squad charges across the open plain and starts ripping apart another unit of blasted machines. The charge is so devistating it wipes out the entire squad.

Legio Turn 4
With the loss of all command the machines continue to execute their last programs and continue advancing on the highest concentration of enemy. The are to far for hand to hand and their shooting is ineffective.

TFR Turn 4
Boreas leads the Comd Squad on another decimating charge, eliminating all of the cursed machines and ensuring the capture of both Fallen.

I had a blast playing this game, Paul was fantastic and with a different deployment this would have been a very different game. I hope I get the chance to play against him in the future.

2 x Fallen recovered. Interrogation commenced. Capt Belial, expected to make recovery.
+++++REPORT ENDS+++++.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Paul Levy's Legio Cynbernetica

This is Paul Levy's fully converted Legio Cybernetica, counting it as Deathwing. I was amazed at the conversion work and how he managed to find some many of these old models. The body is the old Epic scale Knight Paladin with the power fist from the old 2nd ed Ork power klaw. The Dreadnoughts are old school first ed metal ones. I was lucky enough to play against Paul in the final round of King Con II and had a great time. That battle report will be the next post, hope you enjoy the army!

Legio Cybernetica on it's display board

Belial in a new form

Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon

Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon

Terminator Squad with Cyclone Missile Launcher

Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon and
Dreadnought with Lascannon and Missile Launcher

Assault Terminator Squad with Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields and Cyclone
in the back another Dreadnought with Lascannon and Missile Launcher

Stay tuned for a Battle report between the Legio Cybernetica and Task Force Redemption (Deathwing vs RavenDeathwing)!!

Ian's Emperor's Children

This is Ian's Emperor's Children, Ian's handle on both Deep Space and Da 'ouse of pain is qwertywraith. Who knew that pink could look so mean!

One big happy family

Some of the younger brother (and sisters?)
Noise marines

Noise Marines


Terminator Champion

Demon Prince and Army Standard


Land Raider

Rhino Door free hand

I can't wait to see what the vehicles look like once Ian has had a chance to put free hand painting all over them.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Andrew Tripple's Grey Knights

Here are Andrew Tripple's Grey Knights. They are beautifully done, enjoy!

Group shot

Brother-Captain Stern

Grey Knight Squad and Crusader

Grey Knights and Land Raider 2B/3 series

More army's as I get a chance to post them.

King Con II 2009 Painting Contest

Here are some of the entries from King Con's painting contest.

Tau Commander in Crisis Suit
Won best individual

Ian's Emperor's Children (stay tuned full army coverage coming)
Won best squad if I remember correctly

Paul Levy's Angratth the unbound (I think)

Andrew Tripple's Troll King (sorry for the bad lighting)

Kroot Squad

Sorry that the lighting wasn't better I'm still learning how to take good miniature pictures. I'm working on 3 more posts, 3 army profiles and a battle report. Here are whole army shots to wet your appetite.

Andrew Tripple's Grey Knights

Ian's Emperor's Children

Paul Levy's Legio Cybernetica (counts as Deathwing)

King Con II 2009

I just got back from King Con II in Kingston and I had a great time! This is the first time that Kingston has hosted a premier event and the second annual King Con. I was there to play in the 40k tourny but there was other games including board game and role playing. I was able to attend the first King Con and there was a noticeable improvement in the way the whole weekend was organized and run. With that in mind I have a couple suggestions on how to improve for the next King Con.

Warp Stone Painting - Allow entries all weekend until the judging on the Sunday at noon, that way the most people can enter. Also, if the intent is to have fantasy on one day and 40k on another have the warp stone competition set up the same way ie on Saturday have single, unit and large fantasy models (let them be judged and awards won) and then on Sunday do it for 40k.

Tournament Running - Overall it went very well with the dedicated staff doing a great job make up the match ups quickly and keeping to the time line. Having a print to be able to post the tables and names would cut down on having everyone gather around. I personally like the idea of a projector and screen so that you can just flash up the match ups.

Tournament Length - Most minor tournaments are 3 rounds, King Con was also 3 rounds which although it does let you finish early I would suggest that 4 rounds would allow for a better spread in points for determining winners. Plus if someone has an off game it gives them a chance to get back into the standings, with only 3 games it means you can't have that mistake game and people will build lists accordingly. I am looking at the overall winner with 2 greater demons, a demon prince and 3 vindicators.

Tournament Scoring - They organizers took a new direction for presentation and changed it to best army, which is a combination of presentation and composition scores. I wasn't a big fan of this I think they should be 2 seperate categories. I think that presentation should be part of the score cards but that the judges should pick 6 armies and then open the judging to the players on those 6 armies over lunch. This was the system that was used for the Conflicts and the GTs in days gone by and I think it worked the best. Sportsmanship, at the end of the tourny have everyone write down their favourite player. It will almost always elemenat ties and gives the players that deserve a bump in points by how much fun they are to play.

Painting - I need to preface this by saying that to play in the tourny it was only $20 which is awesome for those of us old timers that paid $100 to play in conflicts. However, with the reduced cost it means that people that would not play in the expensive events will play in this one. That means that armies were not always up to the standard I've seen in other premier events. The rules for the tourny clear stated that all models had to be based and have at least 3 colours. Sadly, this wasn't the case the first 2 armies I faced were in my opinion unpainted or at least unfinished. Whole squads were simply primed black or primed and then dry brushed with silver. If the organizors are going to let people play without the minimums I suggest that they get 0 points for their painting scores. I don't expect tourny players to give the 0 score (although they should, darn Canadian mentality) but when the judges go around to determine best painted army they look at the other armies and ones that have unpainted models get zeros. I know this sounds harsh but if it is posted clearly in the rules before hand it will force people to pull out their paint brushes and get to work. Because nothing beats playing in a tourny with a nicely painted force against another nicely painted force on some good looking tables. I brought my camera with me and only took pictures of one game because it was the only one where my opponents army was all painted.

Stay tuned for that game in the fourm of a battle report as well as some of the Warpstone painting entries and Ian's Emperor's Children and Paul's Legio Cybernetica (Deathwing).

Friday, April 3, 2009

Help picking an army for King Con

So with the King Con's 40k tourny on Sunday I still can't decide which army to take with me. Here are the options everything is painted and ready to go. I love playing all the armies but I'm trying to figure out which will be the most fun for my opponents and still give me a chance to beat hard charging competitors like Will Paul. Thoughts and suggests welcome, here are the choices:

Dark Angels
Beliel with LC
Intero Chappy

Beliel Comd Squad with 3 LC, 2 TH/SS, Cyclone, medic and standard
Termy squad with assault cannon and Chainfist
Termy squad with assault cannon, Chainfist and 1 LC
Termy squad with Hvy Flamer, Chainfist and 1 LC
Termy squd with Hvy Flamer and TH/SS

Fast Atk
6 Bike Ravenwing Sqn with 2 meltaguns, attack bike with multimelta and Sgt with PF, PP and meltabombs (I had points to burn)

Total 1845
Scoring units 5, KP 8+
Thoughts - One trick pony where things go well or really bad. Newest army and best painted IMO.

Comd Squad with JO (Honorific, Medalion Crimson, BP, PF), medic, 2 meltaguns and vox caster with ID and Sharpshooter mounted in Chimera (multilaser and Hvy bolter)

Enginseer with 4 technical servitors mounted in Chimera with Multilaser, Hvy bolter and EA
10 Orgyns with bone'ead

Pl with Comd Squad - JO (laspistol, PF and surv) Lascannon, Medic and GL
Squad 1 & 2 Lascannon Plasma

Armoured fist Squad Lascannon, Meltagun and vox caster mounted in Chimera with Multilaser, Hvy bolter and Hvy stubber

Fast Atk
Sentinel with lascannon
Hellhound with EA

Hvy Support
Leman Russ with all Hvy bolters
Demolisher with all Hvy bolters
Basilisk with indirect fire

Total 1850
Scoring Units 4, KP 17 (OMFG!!!)
Thoughts - lots of fun to play well painted, nothing is repeated in the list. If I start playing IG now I will have to relearn all the rules within a month we the release of a new codex (perhaps that's a reason to play them all on it's own).

Space Wolves
Wolf Lord with Frost blade, BP and Wolf tooth necklace
Wolf Priest
Ven Dread with EA, Assault cannon and SB

6 Wolf scouts with meltagun and 2 power weapons lead by Wolf guard with BP and PF
Dread with TLLascannons, Hvy Flamer and EA

6 Grey hunter with PW, Meltagun mounted in Razorback with TLLascannons
9 Grey hunters with PF, PW, Meltagun mounted in Rhino
9 Blood claws with PF, PW, Flamer mounted in Rhino
10 Blood claws with PF, PW, Flamer

Hvy Support
Predator with TLLascannons and sponson Hvy bolters
Standard Land Raider

Total 1850
Scoring Units 4, KP 14
Thoughts - Oldest army, nicely painted (but not to the same level as the other ones). Able to play against all other armies with varying success, SW rule set is a little out dated (may be a understatement).

I would love to hear which army you would prefer me to play and why. Thanks for the help.