Friday, October 25, 2013

In the Hall of the Mountain King - Tournament Recap

Over the weekend I attended my first ever Warmachine tournament at a local game store called Imaginary Wars. I had a bit of apprehension going into the event just based on what I had heard from other people about how cut throat Warmachine tournaments can be and how if your list doesn't match up well with your opponent then it's basically an "Auto Lose". I decided to go into this event with a different mindset then I normally do. I had spent the months leading up to this practicing a whole bunch of super competitive lists, trying to minimize my weaknesses then at the last second I just said "fuck it" and submitted a list of something I just really wanted to play and see on the field knowing I would be lucky to win even just half my games. This is the list I used:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Protectorate Wracks Done

Only took a couple of days to do these guys.  The Protectorate Wracks.  Along with the Vassal, these guys really add to the "your faction is kinda evil" feeling, even if some of these guys are "volunteers".

Anyway I took the opportunity to try out painting rust.  Which happily isn't as hard as I thought, and looks half decent.  I also did 3 layers for the flesh and pants of each guy as a direct contrast to the shabby look of the wracks themselves.  2 layers of ink (Ogryn Flesh and Delvin Mud which apparently doesn't exist anymore. grrr) over a base of silver, and with all the edges spatter drybrushed with terracotta seemed to do the trick.  Still trying to master the "water streak lines of rust", but hopefully I'll have that down when I start painting the Mariner.  Far too much effort on them, since the 3 of them cost 1 point total, but they came out well enough.

As for not doing the bases yet, yeah I know.  I'm going to wait until all of my guys are done, and then I'll base them all in one go, and then dull coat everybody.  The bases intimidate me because I've never used static grass before and I really want to try it, but just have to work up the courage to do a test base, possibly with one of the jack wreck markers before moving on to all the other bases.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Retribution of Scyrah - Test Model

This is my second, super small Warmachine army, the Retribution of Scyrah. Basically I wanted something as different as humanly possible as my Trolls to play on Warmachine. I figured since my Trolls were all about close combat and buffing I would choose a faction that is all about ranged board control and movement shinanigans (ie moving the enemy around). So I settled on an army that is being led by Artificer Rahn who is basically a Warmachine Jedi using force punches, telekinesis as well as a magic buffing feat to crush his enemies.

The inspiration for the painting of this army is based on the Blood Elf aesthetic from World of Warcraft. So I am painting this faction with a primary colour of Red with dark brown and black leather. As with every army I painted I wanted to try out a new technique so I decided I would do a lot with Object Source Lighting (OSL from this point on) to show the magic power emanating from these guys. After finishing this model I am quite happy with it although I see a bunch of places that I can improve. The first is bumping up the high lighting on the Red specifically. I really want it to "pop", same with the blue. As for the OSL on this model this is actually my first try at it so overall I think it worked out well. I still have a bunch of work to get it down. The nice thing about this army is that in total its something like 17 models, so it shouldnt be too bad to finish. Anyways, here are the pics

Monday, October 7, 2013

Trollbloods - Battle Moses Complete!

Sadly, this models name isn't actually Battle Moses, its the Runebearer. Still, regardless of his name I will always call him Battle Moses. I think my favorite thing about him is his extreme look of contempt. It's like he is watching his fellow trolls in battle saying "Come the fuck on guys...geeze". He was a super fast fig to paint as he doesn't have the typical level of total nonsense detail that most Privateer Press stuff has, which was nice.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Trollbloods - Fell Caller Hero Complete!

So my promise on millions of solos begins! First up is one of the better Troll solos, the mighty Fell Caller Hero. Despite being mighty in game he kind of looks like a toad and his swords look down right stupid, like he is charging into battle with "Nerf" weapons. One thing you will notice is I started dividing my trolls bases in half. This is solely for game purposes as everything in Warmachine has a front facing (supposed to be a line that goes between the shoulders). While you dont HAVE to have something that is a hard marker for this it really helps if you do.

Next Up: Warmachine...probably followed by more Warmachine. Will be this way till January then BAM! Tyranids son!!!!