Monday, April 9, 2012

Tervigon Finished!

Man, I love it when work slows down. This weekend was totally dead so I was able to get in a good 16-ish hours of work on the Old Tervigon. In total this guy took about 20-22 hours, the same as my first Trygon. Only thing is I pretty much rushed this guy were as the Trygon I actually brown washed the whole model and went back and re-high-lighted a second time to get an even nicer finish. Here he is in all his finished glory (well...except the base which is still a WIP lol).

Just to give you an idea on how big this model is I did a comparison shot with it and my converted Tervigon. As you can see they arent even close as the official model is almost twice the height as the one I built. I still feel really good about the one I built as it is super close to the official model. I used the large base, it has spine banks for its cluster spines on its shoulders, egg sacs hanging from below. The only thing I like about mine more is that it has small "manipulator" arms instead of scything talons (its front arms are for walking only) but the official model you ONLY have the option for Scything Talons. Kind of sucks as I would never take that upgrade for this unit and I wish there was a 3rd set of arms (like small hands or useless arms like on the Mawloc) to use. Maybe I will just do up the smallest set of Mawloc Scything Talons to put in its place. Anyways, here they are :)

Next Up: I started working on the Ymgarls over the weekend as well so hopefully I will be able to finish the last part of my Ymgarls articles and get some good shots of the unit when its done.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tervigon WIP #2!

So I managed to get some more time in today (about 6 hours worth). I 100% finished the main body and started working on the legs (just dark brown so no pics). Unless something crazy happens I will have this monstrosity done by the end of the weekend with pics on Monday. Also going to include some comparison pics with the other monsters to help give a size of scale since it is massive.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Reg Stikes Back!

 The Wolf vs The Lion!

 Game 2 between Regicide and I was initially going to be another game of Guard vs Wolves but we decided to do something different and play the Lion vs the Wolf.  We played another 1000 pt game so that we could get the game in during the evening without losing too much sleep.  The listed looked something like this.

The Lion (Regicide)
Belial with lighting claws

Terminator Command Squad with Medic, Cyclone, Standard bearer, 3 x LC, 2 x TH/SS
Terminator Squad with

Fast Attack
3 x Bikes with 2 x Meltaguns and power fist

The Wolf (Big Willie)
Bjorn with plasma cannon

10 x Grey Hunters with 2 x Meltaguns, power weapons in Rhino
10 x Grey Hunters with 2 x Meltaguns, power weapons in Rhino
10 x Grey Hunters with 2 x Meltaguns, power weapons in Rhino

Heavy Support
4 x Long Fangs (2 x Plasmacannons, 1 x Missile launcher)

We played table quarters and kill points with Reg getting the first turn.