Friday, March 29, 2013

Dark Reaper Exarch....Complete!

I have been working away at about 5 different projects all at the same time and I managed to get a good block of time yesterday just to work on this guy.

Basically, for all my Aspect Warriors for my Ulthwe army I didnt want to do the usual colours for them (ie orange for Fire Dragons, Blue for Dire Avengers, etc.). Instead I wanted to incorporate them into the Ulthwe Colour scheme, changing things up slightly so they are still unique while still having
 a combination of White, Red and Black. So here is the "Ulthwe" take on the Dark Reapers:

Next Up: I am almost done the rest of this guy's squad so hopefully I will be able to post pics of that soon. I am also working on the Warmachine Starter set (speed painting, so they look *okay* lol) and a special large Eldar project I am really excited about which will hopefully be finished shortly as well.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Failed Projects...

As most folks into the Wargaming hobby I try to start a lot of projects that I just can't seem to keep the momentum going. I have tried doing 40k Orks about 4 or 5 times (posted a bunch of pics here) and even though I LOVE the model range, one of the best out there for either system, I just CAN'T get the army going.

This point brings me Warhammer Fantasy. I have always loved the fantasy setting, by far my favorite of any setting. I love the idea of swords of sorcery, knights in armor and monsters (look at how many Nid MCs I have painted lol). Certain armies really appeal to me, specifically both of the Undead armies as well as Ogres. In a bid to get me into Fantasy my friend Nathan gave me the mini rule book, the Ogre army book and a box of bulls to get started. Through some wheeling and dealing I also managed to pick up a couple characters, a Stonehorn and a battalion. I did up some test figs and posted the picks here last year. Then GW goes and discontinues all the paints I used to paint them with. So I had to start again (pics below).

These are some pics I took with my phone before I got my light table set up. Overall I was really happy how he turned out, Even used a bunch of new techniques that I was pretty stoked to get skilled with. Then it donned on me...I *hate* the actual game. I just can't get excited about playing Warhammer Fantasy. I know the rules have gotten much better but its just the game's style of play. Moving around a bunch of boxes, being super limited in how you move, etc. just 100% doesn't appeal to me. So despite that I like how this guy turned out, I ended up selling literally everything I own for Fantasy. So with selling my Ogres I have trimmed down the models I own to JUST my Tyranids, Necrons, Dark Eldar and Eldar and unless something totally crazy happens I will probably just stick with this armies for the near future and just keep adding to them.

Are there any projects you have tried starting over and over again and just couldn't get them off the ground?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Updating Dark Eldar!

I have been talking for a long time now about updating my Dark Eldar and adding design work to the vehicles and things like Jetbikes. I managed to get a bit of work in a couple weeks ago and finished off my 3 Venoms (also almost finished a 4th Venom too). As I worked on these they kept getting better and better so I am looking forward to getting the Razorwings and Raider based vehicles finished. I think once I do this plus the sails it will really help make this army stand out.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Destroyer Lord Complete!

I managed to pick up 5 Destroyers from my friend Scott and one of them happened to be missing his arms and head, so why not convert him into a Destroyer Lord? It's a super simple conversion as you can see. Just used some extra parts from my "Crytpek" Lychguard box. One thing I am really happy with is the posing of this guy. He looks like he is about to just cleave something in half.

I have a bunch more Necron stuff that is almost finished including some Lychguard (love the models even though the break constantly) and some just started Wraiths. I know it's not the prettiest army I own but man oh man it's easily the most fun to play which is what really pushes me forward in regards to painting them.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eldar Wraithlord Complete!

As I mentioned yesterday I have been altering what I have been painting to help keep things fresh. I have really been enjoying working on my Eldar lately and have a bunch of new stuff for them in the works.

The first main thing I wanted to finish was this Wraithlord who has been sitting in stages of completion for AGES lol. I finally hunkered down while my wife and son were on holiday and finished him. This is the first part in a big Ulthwe update that I want to complete before the rumored Eldar Codex which is supposed to be out this year (just want to have to work on new stuff).

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dark Eldar Trueborn Complete!

After a very long hiatus from blogging due to it being m busy season at work and a move into our new house I now finally have a permanent painting station and a photo station so I will (hopefully) be back uploading things on a regular basis again. Over the last few months I did manage to get a bunch of stuff done and I finally have pics so I will be posting them over the next few weeks.

First up is my 5 man True Born "Dakka" squad (3 splinter carbines, 2 splinter rifles). I used the left over carbines from the scourges. I decided to give them a bit more "bling" then the standard warrior squads and pain their helmets white. I also did a lot more gold and silver (bling) then I do on my normal warriors in an effort to make them stand out a bit.

I am kind of changing up how I am approaching projects this year. Instead of picking a new army and just working on that I am going to rotate what I paint between my 4 major armies in an effort to finish them off (probably have about 5000pts of unpainted stuff between them). So next up will be my new Wraithlord then some stuff for my Necrons. I also bought a bunch of Forge World Eldar stuff recently to help breath some fresh air into the old Eldar. Looking forward to being more active on the blog again.