Thursday, April 16, 2015

Epic Madrak Complete!

Slowly but surely I am working through my casters in my Trolls (I own them all). As I mentioned earlier my newest tournament pairing is Calandra and epic Madrak. I posted Calandra last week so its time to show off her partner, Madrak. I went fairly simply with his paint scheme doing the standard rust armor with gold accents. In the Troll fluff Sorcerers are Albinos. I showed that with eGrim (more of a pinky colour) and with eMadrak I went even further with more of a white. I also decided that since Rathrok is a magic weapon I didnt want it to be covered with the same rust the normal stuff in this army is, so I made it look new. I think I am going to go back to pMadrak and update him so he looks like his epic version as I think he looks as I have never been really happy with how he looks. Anyways, here he is:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Viktor Pendrake Complete!

The two lists I am currently working on for my Trolls are Calandra's Elemental Evolutionism Tier list with 11 light beasts and an Epic Madrak "Dude Spam" list which features basically all my single wound infantry. I have found deciding on two specific lists and just focusing on painting those really helps me focus on getting specific pieces of my army done. Once I finish these two lists I will be at 114 models complete for this army which I think makes it the biggest army I have ever painted.

Back to the lists in question, part of the Epic Madrak list includes Viktor Pendrake who is there to help with key match ups, specifically Legion and Circle and their high defense beasts. Another plus is it gives me an excuse to paint up some more Minion solos, which is one of my single fave things to do. So nice painting something on a small base that isn't blue haha. So here he is:

Up Next: I still have some pics of the stuff I have been working on over the last little while (small updates here and there). I am almost done Calandra's tier list so I have another 6 light beasts to show off plus a pic of the whole army together. I am also starting something totally new (NOT Retribution of Scryah as I sold them) which I am excited to show.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Witch Doctor Complete!

Another quick update. For some reason one of my fave things to paint are the minions I can add into my Army. It might be because it gives me a break from Trolls while still adding something to their army. The Gatorman Witch Doctor is one of my fave solos I have finished so far. Lots of fun details like his bloody knight, the snake on the other hand and the globes of liquid on his belt. Also had fun painting up the bloody body parts (which you cant see very well in the pics) on his base. I should have some more stuff next week too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Warrors Complete!

Without a doubt this was the one thing in the entire army I was dreading painting. 15 models of old troll badness lol. It took me about a month to a month and a half of working on and off on this unit to FINALLY get it done. Figures that as I came close to finishing it PP goes ahead and releases a one box, totally complete, PLASTIC set that looks a million times better. Sigh haha. Ah well, they are done and I will never have to paint them again, so that is all that matters.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Calandra Complete!

Like most of the Trollblood players around the world I have been putting together Calandra's Environmental Evolutionism Tier Force(EE for shot). The army is made of of 11 light Elemental Beasts, the full krielstone unit, Calandra and Battle Moses. I have been collecting the lights for a while now...probably the only reason I have the complete list as everywhere is currently sold out. Getting Calandra herself finished though was the first step in getting this army up and running. I personally find the model super ugly (her hands are insanely big and she looks like she has the fakest breasts in history) and she wasn't terribly fun to paint. BUT! Man o' man playing her on the table is easily the most fun I have had with Trolls, so I will forgive her, also..Starcrossed haha. Anyways, here she is:

Friday, April 3, 2015

Rok Complete!

Been a long time since I have posted. Just finished going through my works busy season so I just hadn't had time to post anything. Rest assured though I have been busy at work and have tonnes of stuff to post.

With that in mind I am going to start off with my newest beast, Rok. He is the other close combat character heavy in Trolls, but sadly is basically Mulgs red headed step brother...minus the red hair (still no soul). He is a frost troll so I wanted to make him look like he was partially made of ice but still fitting into the scheme of the army. Oddly enough there actually is a lot of green stuff work on this guy. His right elbow and for-arm are completely resculpted. The original posing of the model made it look like he was trying to tickle his opponents balls, which to me looked...odd. I think now he has more of a "come at me bro!" style pose. I am really happy with his colour palette and I think when the Glacier King is released later this year I will paint him the same way.