Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some Numdians for the Carthaginian BBDBA army

The photo of these guys isn't great, but at least that's all the Numidians out of the way. Next will be the African Spearmen. I've also heard about a Republican Roman army that's coming out soon as a fitting opponent to these guys. LOTS of rules available, so even if I get sick of BBDBA, there'll be plenty of fun left.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Aussies

So I finally finished the first squad of Australians in jungle colors. I chose jungle greens because after all my Tallarns, I got a bit sick of doing tan, and it looks cooler anyway.
They will eventually become squad 1 of a platoon of infantry, with 1 HMG, 1 mortor, and a Matilda tank in support. The idea being that when it comes to doing their enemies, I could either go with Afrika Korp (we'll ignore the jungle greens for that), or Japanese and do Milne Bay or the Kakoda Trail. Great stuff.