Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tallarn 110th Heavy Infantry Division, C Company

Well, I figured it was time for a parade ground of my GT tourney army.
Although the grey armor units are not mine (borrowed so I could make 1850 painted points), the rest are good to go. Just finished the lascannon teams and 3 new vox casters. ooh, and I finished 2 demolition teams too out of that green stuff. i'll post battle reports (or at least photos) of how the lads hold up on Monday... Hopefully I'll win a prize for more original army (or perhaps "only fully painted Tallarn army"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hive Tyrant Repost

I was never happy with how the pics for my Hive Tyrant turned out so I figured now that I pretty much have the whole process down I would re-shoot it :)

- Miniman

Tyranid Update #1 - September

I had my first tournament over the weekend and the last thing I needed to finish to play in it was this shiney new carnifex. I refined how I did some things to both speed up the painting time as well as smooth out the look on certain things. The biggest improvement on this Fex vs. the 1st one is the green seed sac for the barbed strangler. I did a lot of work making sure the green was shaded smoothly by using washes of green as well as many layers (with extreme highlights on where the seeds are pushing against the sac). Overall I am quite happy with this plucky chap

- Miniman

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Imperial Fists test model

Hello all,

Here is my first attempt at painting yellow and creating a new Space Marine Army. The fluff for the army is that it is a Heresy era army that would have been defending a section of the Imperial Palace against Horus' traitors. I'm using the latest edition of Power Armour (Mk VII) as 60,000 sets were grabbed the Imperial Fists during their raid on Mars (from Mechanicum). Comments and suggestions welcome.