Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tervigon WIP #1

So...my horrible Tyranid addiction continues. I managed to get my hands on both of the new kits (Tervigon and Hive Tyrant) and I gotta say that they are easily two of the best kits that GW produces. I sadly put the Ymgarls on hold after seeing the new Tervigon as I HAVE to paint it so the last part of my 3 part series is still coming, just slightly delayed.

The first thing I started working on was the main body of the creature, specifically the Egg sacs. I ended up putting in close to 5 hours in total only because I was trying something new which really didnt work so I ended up redoing an entire side. Overall I am really happy with how its going and I am still deciding if I want to leave it as is or if I want to do some work to make it look like the Termagants are popping out (like the mebrane of the egg sac is somewhat translucent). Hopefully soon I will be able to get some more progress pics (just started on the brown) and I also am going to do a comparison shot of GWs Tervigon and my conversion (trust me...mine is WAY smaller lol).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Willie is Back Baby!!!

Master of the Ravenwing and his Libraian dismantle the remaining guardsmen
Hello all,

It's taken some time but I've finally gotten the awful taste of my last tournament game out of my mouth and managed to get in a couple games with the newest Legionnaire Regicide.  The initial intent was to play a series of games where the Dark Angels were looking for several of the Fallen who had taken over the government of a local planet.  In the end we played one game then switched to Wolves vs Dark Angels (almost like one of the Space Wolf books).  We used my iPhone to take pictures so unfortunately they won't be as good as we all like.  The first game was my Ravenwing against his Imperial Guard at 1000 pts.  The lists looked something like this:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Legio Minimus welcomes Regicide!

Hello All,

I've just gotten back from a course that started in Sept.  The highlight was meeting someone that is going to be a new contributing Legionnaire.  He's been playing 40k for a long time but took a break for a while but kept up with the goings on through the Black Library.  We managed to get 2.5 games in during the course so those battle reports will be coming along shortly.  I look forward to seeing his models and painting as much as his short stories and narratives.   Stay tuned!