Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Force on Force 40k Style

So something a little different today.  I showed my gaming group Force on Force.  Although these are technically modern rules, we used 40k figures since I don't own any "actual" modern forces.   There is also the future version of FoF called Tomorrow's War.  It's Force on Force with extra interesting chrome added (such as power armor, high tech weaponry, the "net" etc.), but to keep things simple as the group's first game, we used the plain vanilla rules.  Just infantry, no vehicles. The vehicles on the board are used as scenery since we ran out of buildings.

The mission was that a Rebel Tallarn mortar unit has been detected in this area.  A small platoon of IG has been sent in to take out the mortar's security and spotter units. They don't know the city very well, and the Tallarn do (the rebel players called them the "Tallarniban"), so they will have to move in quickly before more rebels arrive from elsewhere in the city.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tyranids Invade Tournament OP!

OP Tournament Over the weekend I attended my first tournament since the Spearhead tournament I did at the end of November last year. I was really looking forward to this one just because of how long it had been since I have attended any event. I decided after reading all the reports from Adepticon from this year I was going to play my Tyranids since not a single tournament player showed up there and everyone sees the army as dead on the tourney scene (well..which it kind of is lol).

This tournament had a couple things that were much different from your regular tournament. First off instead of using the standard force organization chart it used a percentage system almost identical to fantasy with an added limitation of only being able to select a max of 2 of the same elites and 3 of the same heavy. The rest of the army building process for people (like myself) who didn’t play fantasy was as follows: 25% max for HQ, 25% Min for troops, a max of 50% for elites and heavy combined and a max of 50% fast attack. The thing I noted is that I couldn’t really build an army outside the standard force org chart as all my lists could fit in either system. I also didn’t play against anyone or saw any list that had 4+ elites, fast attack or heavy support. It begs the question of why even use the % system at such a small points value (the tourney was 1600pts)?