Saturday, July 28, 2012

Triarch Stalker Finished!

I know this one is a bit out of the blue but I have managed to get a bit of painting in lately which is nice. Over the last couple weeks I managed to finish my Stalker and I am almost done 25 warriors (more on them later this week). I was pushing to try to get them finished for a tournament in 2 1/2 weeks but alas, there is zero chance of reaching that goal. I am also going to take a couple quick pics so you can see the final army (I will include the 1500pts list there too).

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tyranids, 6th ed and You!

So, after reading through the book, checking out articles online and doing some thinking at work (as it is just soooo slow) I have been trying to figure out how to adapt Tyranids to 6th edition. Here are some of the initial ideas/thoughts I have both on how the army will fare and ways to help adapt to the up-coming environment. With my “First Impressions” article I talked a bit about stuff that I thought was good, rule wise, for the edition and stuff that I thought was not so good. Now I want to talk about how those rules will really affect Tyranids and what the big changes will really mean for this army, both Improvements and Challenges. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

6th ed 40k First Impressions from a Xenos Player…

First off I have to say I balked at the price of the new rulebook. Coming in at $90 its approaching the price of a University text book instead of a game manual. With that being said the actual production value of the book is incredible. Full colour throughout, high quality paper, nice lay out, easily worth the price. In fact the standard rulebook is so nice I don’t really understand why someone would fork over the money for the Collector’s Edition. Now on to the rules!