Friday, April 3, 2009

Help picking an army for King Con

So with the King Con's 40k tourny on Sunday I still can't decide which army to take with me. Here are the options everything is painted and ready to go. I love playing all the armies but I'm trying to figure out which will be the most fun for my opponents and still give me a chance to beat hard charging competitors like Will Paul. Thoughts and suggests welcome, here are the choices:

Dark Angels
Beliel with LC
Intero Chappy

Beliel Comd Squad with 3 LC, 2 TH/SS, Cyclone, medic and standard
Termy squad with assault cannon and Chainfist
Termy squad with assault cannon, Chainfist and 1 LC
Termy squad with Hvy Flamer, Chainfist and 1 LC
Termy squd with Hvy Flamer and TH/SS

Fast Atk
6 Bike Ravenwing Sqn with 2 meltaguns, attack bike with multimelta and Sgt with PF, PP and meltabombs (I had points to burn)

Total 1845
Scoring units 5, KP 8+
Thoughts - One trick pony where things go well or really bad. Newest army and best painted IMO.

Comd Squad with JO (Honorific, Medalion Crimson, BP, PF), medic, 2 meltaguns and vox caster with ID and Sharpshooter mounted in Chimera (multilaser and Hvy bolter)

Enginseer with 4 technical servitors mounted in Chimera with Multilaser, Hvy bolter and EA
10 Orgyns with bone'ead

Pl with Comd Squad - JO (laspistol, PF and surv) Lascannon, Medic and GL
Squad 1 & 2 Lascannon Plasma

Armoured fist Squad Lascannon, Meltagun and vox caster mounted in Chimera with Multilaser, Hvy bolter and Hvy stubber

Fast Atk
Sentinel with lascannon
Hellhound with EA

Hvy Support
Leman Russ with all Hvy bolters
Demolisher with all Hvy bolters
Basilisk with indirect fire

Total 1850
Scoring Units 4, KP 17 (OMFG!!!)
Thoughts - lots of fun to play well painted, nothing is repeated in the list. If I start playing IG now I will have to relearn all the rules within a month we the release of a new codex (perhaps that's a reason to play them all on it's own).

Space Wolves
Wolf Lord with Frost blade, BP and Wolf tooth necklace
Wolf Priest
Ven Dread with EA, Assault cannon and SB

6 Wolf scouts with meltagun and 2 power weapons lead by Wolf guard with BP and PF
Dread with TLLascannons, Hvy Flamer and EA

6 Grey hunter with PW, Meltagun mounted in Razorback with TLLascannons
9 Grey hunters with PF, PW, Meltagun mounted in Rhino
9 Blood claws with PF, PW, Flamer mounted in Rhino
10 Blood claws with PF, PW, Flamer

Hvy Support
Predator with TLLascannons and sponson Hvy bolters
Standard Land Raider

Total 1850
Scoring Units 4, KP 14
Thoughts - Oldest army, nicely painted (but not to the same level as the other ones). Able to play against all other armies with varying success, SW rule set is a little out dated (may be a understatement).

I would love to hear which army you would prefer me to play and why. Thanks for the help.

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