Monday, August 31, 2009

Tyranid Update # 3 - Carnifex

Last but not least my new Carnifex. I was suprised at how fast this guy was to paint. I painted the whole model in about a day in a half, which when you consider my Hive Tyrant took about 4 days to paint is pretty good :). On this Carnifex I knew I wanted to put two big guns on him and when I started fitting the model together I realized it would be a rather tight fit and very difficult to paint. So On his base I made sure I had something I could put his front foot on to raise the front of the model up and I removed some pieces off of his back to make sure the Torso piece would go on straighter and less hunched. Overall I am quite pleased with this guy.

The next updates should come quite a bit quicker as I need to finish 1 more Zoanthrope, 4 Termigants and my second Carnifex before September 19th. Once they are done then I will do 10 more Termigants, 4 Raveners and a Lictor for the Tourney in November which will bring me in at 1700pts.

- Mini Man

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