Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tyrant Guard WIP #1

After finishing the first 1700pts for the tournament this weekend I started to think about what I was going to work on next. I dont want to do to much until the new codex comes out. The models I would really like for my army though are Tyrant Guard. The only problem with that is the current minatures are just brutal. I figured I havent really every done anything with green stuff so I might as well try my hand at it.

To build this guy I looked at the current Tyrant Guard model and looked where he had extra rows of carapace. Then on this model I tried to duplicate it (so the shins, forearms and shoulders on the rending claws). I also wanted to make him look more impressive so I added the spikes on the head and shoulders while beefing up his back. Soon I should have it painted (hoping for this weekend :).

- Miniman

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oni said...

That is a very nice conversion.