Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And now for something completely different...

I have been working like crazy updating my Tyranid list, basically adding all the new stuff I was too stubborn to add before. With that project almost done (there will be some pics of the new Mawloc and Venomthropes up in the next couple weeks) I have decided that it was time to start a new army. A big part of me wants to start the orks that I have been trying to start for almost 4 years now. The big problem with that is it is ANOTHER horde army…and since both my Ulthwe Eldar and Tyranids typically run over 70 models each (actually, come to think of it so does my Space Marine army) I wanted to do something different…much different.

So I have decided to do a “Descent of Angels” blood angel army based on a super elite deep striking force made up of some of the best plastic models GW has produced, the Sanguinary Guard. Basically I want a small army that will be both really fun to play and paint that will be different to anything I have currently, and this will fit the bill. So here is the list:

Dante (makes Sanguinary Guard troops)



Sanguinary Priests (2) – Jump Packs

Sanguinary Guard (5) – Inferno Pistol, Power Fist, Chapter Banner

Sanguinary Guard (5) – Inferno Pistol x 2, Power Fist

Sanguinary Guard (5) – Inferno Pistol x 2, Power Fist

Sanguinary Guard (5) – Inferno Pistol x 2, Power Fist


Sanguinary Guard (5) – Inferno Pistol x 2, Power Fist

Fast Attack
Vanguard Veterans (5) – Power Sword, Sarge – Power Sword, Bolt Pistol

2000pts right on the nose

With the new Blood Angel codex every unit in my army will deepstrike, re-roll their reserve rolls and only scatter 1d6″ instead of 2d6″. I really like the fact that there are only 34 models in the entire army and every single one is very good on their own. I *love* the new Sanguinar model and regardless of what he does…but luckily he is a complete independant character destroyer as well as anything else he might want to mess with. One other nice thing about him is he upgrades the lone vet sarge I have in this list so he gets +1 WS, +1 W, +1 Init and +1 A, which is close to a mini captain. Another nice thing is Dante and his unit never scatter (he will be with the banner and a sang priest) so you can always place him beside something that needs to gets blown up.

My main goal with this army is to push myself artistically. With only 34 models I think I can do this while completing this army in a reasonable fashion. So far I am thinking white armor for the Guard/Characters and the standard red for the vet squad. For the bases I am going to try and make it look like they are in some sort of ruined cathedral with yellow-ish brick to contrast with the black and white of the rest of the army. I am going to do a test run on some marines that I currently own and once I finish these I will post them.

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