Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tallarn Ogryns Complete

I'm almost embarrassed to post given the true level of awesome that is 's work, but here we go anyway with the finally complete Ogryn unit.
Here are the two new boys. A guy with complete head dress, and the gritty sarg with Blue sash of title. I wanted these guys to be mimicing my Tallarn humans as much as possible so their color scheme is close, and they have the Tallarn headgear, and blue "veteran" sashes. Quite pleased with how they turned out. Now all I gotta do is take some better photos. My new wife and I are moving to a place that has a rec room in the basement, so a nice place for a permanent painting space!
And a group shot since they are now a team.... a super team. Just have to paint a Commissar Lord to lead them, and a Chimera for the whole assault squad to ride in.

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