Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Swarmlord

After the last tournament I decided it was time to finish the "revamp" of my Tyranids from 4th Edition to 5th Edition. I personally have been finding the regular old Hive Tyrants to be pretty lack luster as far as gameplay goes up to this point so I decided it was time to get off my butt and finish the big daddy of them all, The Swarmlord. This one is a super simple conversion as all I did was buy 4 monstrous boneswords online, cut off some scything talons and just glued on the boneswords. Regardless of the simplicity of the conversion I am extemely happy with the overall model. I took way more time building up the layers of paint on this guy then the ones that came before him (basically the same technique I used on the Trygon, just pushed a bit more). I added an extra level of shading on most colours to help give some more definition. I can't wait to finally use this guy in a game and watch him carve some marines up!


Pastafarion said...

Fantastic paint job. I love the texture you gave to his arms and legs as well as the interesting paint job you did on the carapace. Great work.

michael said...

Awesome model!! Where did u get the bonesword bitz??

keith said...

Great job Mike! The refined version of your colour scheme is fantastic, especially the skin.