Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Update Time!

So as many of you have noticed there really haven’t been many updates in the last month or this year lol. The reason for it is (other than the baby lol) my camera died at the end of last month which means I haven’t been able to take any pics of the stuff I am working on. There is a silver lining though is my old camera was over 4 years old and only 7 mega pixels, which is sad as my phone is 8 lol, so when we DO get our new camera next week the pics should be a higher quality.

What I have been working on recently:

- Necrons, Necrons and more Necrons: In the last 4 weeks I have finished 25 Warriors, 10 Immortals, a Lord and my Triarch Stalker. With the Stalker I have also 100% finalized my basing style since you have last seen him which adds quite a bit of colour contrast and visual interest. This weekend I am going to finish the rest of my Royal Court (2 converted Crypteks and my Overlord) and either my Night Scythe or my Ghost Ark, haven’t really decided (probably the Night Scythe as the Ghost Ark is going to take FOREVER).

- Something New: My friend Matt and I picked up the Warmachine starter set to try out. I put together both factions and I will be doing a basic “speed painting” paint job on them. I am just going to do clean, basic colours with a wash and one level of high lighting. I am just doing them up as our clubs “starter” armies till we get the hang of the game. After that I am going to do a small force of Trolls and really go all out. I am treating them as a Necromunda Gang or something similar. This is something I am really excited about as it will be a completely different painting style then what I am used to. Another thing that I find very exciting is the fact that the force will consist of only 10-15 models and it has been a long time since I have really pushed myself as far as painting goes. I think the last time I went all out on some models was a couple years ago when I painted up The Sanguinor and Mephiston so it will be nice to see what I can do now.

- Into the Future: There are a lot of things coming up over the rest of the year which is going to put a damper on blog updates sadly. The main one is my wife and I bought a house which is currently being built and should be done in November. So from Mid October to Mid December will be slow. The big bonus of moving into the new house though is I will be making a light box and getting a tripod for the camera so the pics will be much better. I am also getting an Air Brush which I want to get good with before I redo my Eldar so there will be lots of test pics as I learn. I will also be finishing that Ymgarl article at some point when things in my life calm down (I have almost zero hobby time right now so I have to be selective of what I am working on hence why it isn’t finished yet).

If there is anything you guys want to see more of or in regards to hobby articles or tactics articles let me know. I have been thinking of doing some articles on how I painted my most recent armies (DE and Necrons) as well as how I painted my Tyranids (check this out to tide you over: ). Thanks again for your patience and hopefully soon things will be back to normal

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Anonymous said...

Would like to see the battle report for tyranids you talked about. Even without pics, would be a good read I am sure! Also would like to see updates to tactics for 6th edition and lists. I enjoy your site, thanks for the work!