Sunday, July 12, 2015

Eowyn: Better late than never

I'm a bit embarrassed by this post. This particular project has taken me about 5 years to actually do. And by "project", I mean, these two figures of Eowyn from Lord of the Rings.  My wife is very patient with my hobby and I suggested that I could paint her a figure of her choice. She chose Eowyn. Eowyn's a badass, so no problems there. I started painting the figures about 5 years ago, but didn't get round to highlighting the figure, didn't know how to do the armor correctly, other projects got in the way (since I technically couldn't use her for battle. I don't own any other LOTR figs), and so it languished, through 3 different apartments, and 2 different cities.

However, with the impending birth of a baby daughter on the way (very excited about that), I realized that I had to get moving on my various miniature projects or else they may NEVER get done. And it took about 2 hours to get her done. Either way, here's Eowyn, with my new found love of static grass and boulders. The eyes were quite hard to do, but her cape and armor came out really well. The blond hair also worked quite nicely.

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