Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Willie's Deathwing!!!

So here are the close up pictures of my Deathwing army that I took to the Canadian GT.
This is my Master of the Deathwing. He was modeled after Cloudrunner from the original Deathwing story.
This is my Librarian, the standard terminator model with force rod turned into a force axe, again modeled after "Two-heads talking".
Deathwing Command Squad with Medic, Standard bearer and Assault Cannon
Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon
Terminator squad with Heavy Flamer
Terminator Squad with Heavy Flamer
Terminator Squad with Heavy Flamer
Terminator Squad with Thunder hammers, Storm Shields and Cyclone launcher


SketchbookGaming said...

Super looking army.
Really nice job with the "pre-bone white" look. The images that come from those stories are great.

I'm personally not a fan of the gloss finish but that's just me. I do like the red weapons and the use of the shoulder icons.

A tactical question, how do you find the heavy flamers work for you and why the cyclone mixed into the hand to hand squad and not a regular squad?

Big_Willie said...

The points value for the GT was 1700 so I was a bit handicapped by that. That said I really liked the heavy flamers against Orks and 'Nids (of which I played 4 games).

The Cyclone on it's own was to give me a single ranged weapon for anti-tank. In any of the other squads it would have meant that all the SB shots were wasted. This way I get a long shot and normally against tanks or Big bugs that one shot helps to soften them up before that squad charges in.