Monday, June 9, 2008

FOW Armored Artillery

So after several FOW games, I finally decided that I needed something with longer range than mortars, and with more reliability than air power, so I invested in a battery of Armored Artillery, and a full 6 gun battery of Nebelwefers. The "moaning minis" aren't done yet, but the armored arty was finished a couple of days ago. I'll try 'em out with my Panzer company against Milton at some point and see how they do. I'm finally learning how to use armor effectively, but because we're Germans, the points get constricting VERY fast. Happily that won't happen with my US Paratroopers, since they can't really take much anyway. Either way, hopefully I'll be painting up 2 panthers for a Cobra Mission in a couple of weeks, another Tiger I, and just for the heck of it, I'm going to go for a Tiger II to see how he does :) Also got some magnets so the III Ns can be changed to III Ms at a moment's notice (right now, 2/4 are Ms, so I need to change barrels).

So my painted panzer force now is:

CinC Panzer IIIN
2inC Panzer IVG

Pz III N Platoon
Pz IVG Platoon

2 Armored Quad 2cm AA in halftracks

3 gun battery of Wespes (10.5cm arty)
2 8rad Recon vehicles


Big_Willie said...

Megamilne they look awesome, can we get a pic with the whole battery?

greedo said...

That IS the whole battery! You and your 8 gun batteries...

Big_Willie said...

My bad