Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pack Attack at Game Summit 2011

A couple of weekends ago I had the chance to attend Ottawa's Game Summit held at the Napean Sports complex.  In a word it was awesome!  There were games of every variety and style, there was vendors, painting clinics and a garage sale.  In my opinion this is exactly what a gaming convention should be and the 40k tournament had 65 entries with the best overall and best sportsman winning tickets to the Grand Tournament in Las Vegas.  The tournament was 1850 points with normal composition rules.  

This is never a good roll, but was it for the wolves.....
You'll have to read on to find out.

I was playing my Space Wolves and the list looked like this:

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf with Thunder hammer/SS, Saga of the Bear and Wolf tooth necklace
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf with Frost Blade/SS, Saga of the Warrior born and Wolf tooth necklace
Canis Wolfborn
Rune Priest with Living lighting, Jaws and choser of the slain

10 x Grey Hunters with 2 x Meltagun, Powerfist in Rhino
10 x Grey Hunters with 2 x Meltagun, Powerfist in Rhino
6 x Grey Hunters with Meltagun, Powerfist, Banner in Rhino
10 x Fenris wolves with cyberwolf

Fast Attack
Land Speeder with Hvy flamer and MM

Land Speeder with Hvy flamer and MM

Hvy Support
5 x Long Fangs with 3 x Missile launchers, lascannon in Plazorback

My first game was against Marc who won last years Game Summit and was rocking a Mech Guard force.  The mission was Annihilation with 12" deployment.

Wolves take the high ground

That's a lot of tanks!

The Battle lines are formed

First Blood to the Wolves

The Wolves advance, knocking down a Vendetta but the Guards shooting will even the score.

Wolf Transports take the initial hit, the pack piles out and moves forward.

Guard shooting thins the pack to only one Wolf Lord, who then goes on to destroy the Demolisher.

Both sides are being worn down, it's going to be close!

Unchecked the Wolf Lord continues to Rampage! But Guard plasma will surely stop him....

.....or not?

The final shot of the game was from Marcs Vendetta which hit the Long Fangs Plazorback with all 3 lascannon shots and caused 2 glancing and 1 penetrating hit.  I rolled the saves and made one(but forgot to designate which hit it was) so I rolled another die and if it was a 5 or 6 it was the penetrating hit.  As luck would have it I roll a 6 and the shot glances harmlessly off the trench line.  The game comes to a close with both Marc and I have 12 Kill Points each, talk about a slugfest!

Record 0-1-0

Next game was against Craig's Ultramarines.  The mission was the 2 objectives one with Dawn of War deployment.  Craig's army is awesomely painted and have a couple other shots of it i'll post in the future.

Wolf Lord and escort deploy on the board to close the distance to the Marines of Mcragge

Lone Tactical squad holding the objective

The benefit of playing on a board that is tiled in 1" squares!

The Ultramarines move onto the board and prepare to meet the pack.

The Wolves advance under the cover of darkness and prepare to launch their assault.

The rest of the Wolf Lord Super friends arrive and final preparations for the assault begin.

The trap is sprung and the wolves are in contact without taking incoming fire.

The remainder of the pack advances 

Nothing can withstand the fury of the wolves unleashed!

Marneus arrives after having a mishap the last turn, is it to little to late?

In the end it was, Marneus and his body guard were able to contest my objective but I firmly held Craig's objective and won 1 - 0.  I have to make a point of saying that Craig had some of the worst luck I've seen in a long time.  

Record 1-1-0

By this time I'm starting to get tired and so the amount of pictures I was taking took a huge noise dive.  The next games was the d3+2 objectives (we had 3) with the 12" deployment.  I was playing against Ryan who also had Space Wolves (Logan with 2 Long fang packs and a Land Raider full of Wolf Guard).

Ryan's Wolves take the high ground over looking 2 objectives.

While the Land Raider borne Wolf Guard and some Grey Hunters with a Rune Priest hold another objective.

My Wolves castled in one corner with the intent of forcing him to me.

This game came down to a single shooting phase where both Long Fang packs shot at my Super Friends unit and killed some Fenrisian wolves.  The Super Friends then charged and beat the living crap out of the Long Fangs and Logan.  With only 1 turn to play I held 2 objectives to his one, only have have his Land Raider (now empty) roll up on one objective contesting it.  I blow it up but the ensuing explosion kills 1 of only 2 grey hunters holding the objective and the remaining marine moves to a more advantageous position (breaks).  So we both hold 1 objective, another tie!

Record 1-2-0

Final games was against Chris Stewart and his Blood Ravens.  I totally dropped the ball and didn't take any pictures of this game.  It was a good back and forth battle with both of us having the upper hand at times and looking grim at times.  In the end I was able to pull out a win, but may can those Iron Breaker Dreadnoughts take a lot of punishment.

Record 2-2-0

Undefeated!!!! So although I didn't lose any games I came in 13th in a field of 65 players.  I had an amazing time and all of my opponents were fantastic (I really mean it, I didn't run in to a single player who was more interested in winning then having a good time).  

After Action Report
The army worked really well together and I would totally play it again.  There were some simply outstanding armies there that I would have loved to play against.  Here are a couple of the shots I took before the event started just to give you an idea of the calibre of army and player that were there. 

Sallieman's Eldar Strike Force

Newly painted windows

Phenoix Lord leading the host

Now that's an objective marker!

Sallieman's Sallies, being played by a friend

Black is the new 3++

Nurgle was well represented 

No idea who's army this is but they looked great!

Dave formerly from the White Dwarf Canada's design team (I know he took pictures but not sure what else) and his brilliantly painted Eldar.

Craig's Ultramarines lead by none other than Marneus Calgar!

Check out my progress with ze Germans at Covering Fire!


Joyous_Oblivion said...

Great pics drew, it really looks like the 40k tourney turnedit up to 11 this time!

Ghoulio said...

Man, that tournament looked freaking sweet. I loved the themed tables (although they were SUPER light on IG armies wet dream lol). I am amazed at how good all the armies that you played against and showcased looked. Congrats on 13th overall, pretty high placing considering the competition :)

PS. That first Eldar army looks freaking incredible. Wished I could see it in real life lol

Big_Willie said...

@Ghoulio it was the guy who took pictures of our stuff at the Conflicts for GW. He, Craig Bodycote and Fat Gaz were all up from T.O. for the tourny.

greedo said...

That's an awesome looking tournament. ALL the armies looked amazing. Great outting for the wolves too!