Friday, July 29, 2011


So, life has finally calmed down a bit and the wave of visitors for the new born have subsided so I figured it was time to get back into the painting saddle and finish up my 1850pts army.

Since I last posted I have made some minor changes here and there and now have the whole army 100% built, primed and based (bases built I mean). With the change out I made sure I kept 6 troop choices, (4 warriors, 2 wyches), and threw in a pack of Beastmasters for visual interest as I love how my unit is looking so far. The army has a great balance of anti troop shooting, anti armor shooting, a unit with haywire grenades for a last ditch anti armor and some really decent counter attack units. I have to say this is probably the happiest I have been with an all comers army...well...ever actually.

This unit actually came together quite quickly as there are only 5 models. I did buy 2 units of 5. This unit has 2 haywire blasters and the other has 2 Heatlances. Just because of how amazing these models are both in looks, options and how easy they are to put together, I am even considering buying another box of 5 just to make 4 splinter cannons for a 10 man squad (if they stay stationary they get 42 splinter shots a turn!). I decided to paint the wings black for the feathers and the bat wings the same colour as the Haemonculus' skin, just to help tie things together. While the elites have white helmets, I figured I would give these guys gold ones.

Next Up: Beastmasters!


Unknown said...

Very nice. I like the texture you have on the bat wings, and the colors go together well. I have found the haywire blasters to work the best. Heat lances mean you have to get too close up, and they turn into a suicide squad.
Great models.

G. said...

You're a machine - only guy I know that can have a newborn, work, and paint gorgeous models. Jerk.

Looking awesome! I look forward to seeing pics of the whole army!

keith said...

Awesome as always! I like the texturing on the wings; feathered and leathery.

Are you going to post the updated list too?

Ghoulio said...

Thanks for the comments guys, always appreciated :)

@ Keith: I am going to do a whole army shot fairly soon as well as the revised list (hopefully gonna do a battle report next Monday). I am almost done my beast master squad and the last venom with their warrior squad. Can't wait to get this stuff done.