Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend was suprisingly quiet at work being Thanksgiving weekend so I was able to get in some serious painting time in. I have my Hellion unit, the Baron and my last two Beastmasters to do up but I found I was getting a bit sick of "Wyche" units (as I just finished my last Wyche squad a couple weeks ago) and I wanted a change, so the Talos it is.

After seeing the model sprues for this figure (comes on 3 jam packed sprues) I was impressed with the overall look of it. Painting it just greatly increased my love for this the point where I will be getting 2 more kits (1 more talos and a chronos) simply because of how much I loved painting this kit. So here it is!


greedo said...

Really nice stuff man. The muscle effects are very cool. I have no idea what thing is, but it looks diabolical!

Ghoulio said...

It's basically a Dark Eldar dreadnought. I am really happy how the muscles turned out. Fav part of the model

Michael Hogan said...

Yeah, I love the flesh/muscle and the tinge of color highlight on the model.
Really gorgeous. Great job.