Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ymgarls Part 1!

I have had my last three Nid projects in states of semi-completion for a while now. The last three things I am working on are my Flying Hive Tyrant (already converted, just needs basing and painting), 20 Gargoyles (built, primed, based with 1 test model done) and my 10 Ymgarl Genestealers (finally built).

I finally got a bit of time to do some work on converting up the Ymgarls and I decided I wanted to make them look different than the regular stealers but not go completely wacky on the conversions (so more of a subtle change). I have looked at the drawings for the Ymgarls and based my slight conversion off of that:

So, looking at the picture I knew I would need the feeder tenticle head (obviously) and the middle claw on their rending claw hands are also elongated. So below is what you will need to do this conversion:

The main thing to change the overall profile of the stealer other then the head are the rending clawed hands. So, for all of mine I cut the middle claw out and replaced it with talon from the Hormagaunt Scything Talons:

Here is what it looks like when you throw all the pieces together:

Next up: Is going to be about how I base this army and basing in general and what it can do for the overall feel for your army. After that I will be expanding on the painting tutorial I did a year or two ago and I will go more in depth on which colours I used for this army and the actual technique of how to get the "carapace" for this army.


R. C. Fountain said...

I like the extended claw, Ghoulio; it adds an additional air of the sinister. I'll look forward to the next steps here. :)

G. said...

Nicely done! Harkens back to the banana claws but without looking like a banana. Which is good because bananas aren't scary but genestealers sure as hell are.

sn0zcumb3r said...

Nice,another cool idea is to cut off a Genestealers scything talon at the wrist and the after a bit of trimming stick it back on so that the talon follows the line of the arm.
Looking forawrd to the painting tutorial!

40kaddict said...

Ymgarl Genestealer mutation markers can be printed, stuck to mounting card and cut out form here: