Sunday, February 19, 2012

Purge Additions + Steel Brethren

So it has been quite a long time since my last post, but I have made up for it with quantity and quality. I've added a few units to the Purge, An entire unit of Steel Brethren(!) and a WIP of a Punisher Havoc marine (so the other one doesn't feel so damned lonely).

Next up we have the new unit of Steel Brethren. These guys are from the idea of starting a themed Seige of Vraks style Warband. I was using my old 13th company army as stand ins in my 1k chaos list, and just decided to paint up the whole unit so they better fit with the army AND could be used on the table top(!). It was a very spur of the moment idea in which I decided to forgo stripping the paint off 'thems and just dive in. They have a bit more paint on them than I usually find acceptable, but in the moment that didn't seem important; I still am happy with them for a very quick paint job (4-5 hours to do all 20).

And the lonely Punisher.


Marcel said...

i really like these guys, how are they painted?
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Slopes said...

Thanks a lot.
Which Guys? The Purge or Steel Brethren or Both?(for the painting question)

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