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Leaked 5th Ed Summary

Having finished reading the leaked rules, I wanted to summarize them so everyone will understand what is changing. Especially big changes are noted by the capitals.

Movement and unit types
Types of units and the way they move are the same. Of note, it still specifically states that models can not move closer than 1" from enemy models during the movement phase.

Everything is from models eye view. All units block LOS, models inside units do not BLOS from other models in their unit.

RUN! - If you don't want to shoot you can run (extra d6" but may not assault) Most everything can run including Dreadnoughts and Monsterous creatures.

Can always see "big Ones" read vehicles and monstrous creatures and can be targeted unless LOS is blocked by another "big one"

BS 6, 7, ... or better gives a re-roll but second roll is 6+, 5+,...

Roll to wound no change.

Wounds are allocated to models before saving throw (ie each model is given a wound until all models have one or you have to start assigning second wounds, etc...)

Saves and AP no change

Cover saves are increased forests, ruins, wrecks and buildings are all 4+ Hedges and fields are 5+

If you are shooting from within more than 2" of area terrain out you will give the area terrain save to your target. If firing through area terrain you give apporperiate cover save to your target.

Partially in cover is same as before

TAKE COVER! - After hits and wounding is done but before rolling for saves a unit can become pinned. Pinning gives them +1 to their cover save (in the open = 6+, in ruins = 3+) but they can do nothing the next turn.

Casualties can be taken off from anywhere in the unit so long as the trooper dying has the same profile and weapons as the one who was actually "killed" applies for both shooting and CC!

Instant death no change - remembering it is done without T modifiers

Multi wound models - whole models are taken off. If you have 1 wound left and something is instant killed a whole and undamaged model is taken off not the one who is already wounded.

Shooting blast weapons - all scatter, first one is fired by placing hole over enemey model (no shooting the ground) scatter as per. If multiple blasts are fired it is done the same as mortars ie roll scatter again and flip template in that direction. If a hit is rolled the shooting play deciedes where to flip template. Once all templates are landed count up the number of hits and roll to wound. Wounds are allocated across the unit not just models which could be seen.

Rending is now 6+ is automatic wound and AP2 and for armour pen it is d6+str and if a 6 is rolled an additional d3 is added (d6 + d3 + str of weapon)

Sniper weapons doesn't say 2+ to hit. Still 4+ to wound regardless of toughness. No change in AP

Can now assault multiple units so long as you stay in coherence and one of them is who you shot at in shooting phase.

Must take direct path no avoiding terrain. If you take a difficult terrain test your In is dropped to 1.

All models in BtoB and those within 2" of a model in their unit can fight.

Assualt grenades(frag and plasma) allow for a fight at normal In values. Defensive grenades (photon) take away to bonus attacks for charging.

To hit is the same before if you have a power fist you only get the extra attack if you have another power fist or thunder hammer.

For combat resolution same as before add up both sides whoever has more wins. In case of tie continue fighting.

Loser test morale as per normal. Fearless enemies who lose and are outnumbered now have to take as many saves as they are outnumbered by ie 2:1 is 2 saves 10:1 is 10 saves.

Sweeping advance works the same to kill broken units.

Consolidate is now d6" and can still be used to bring units in to HtH.

Units who are broken and falling back move directly back and will cause "panic" checks on friendly units they move through. If they move into impassable terrain or enemies they are killed/removed outright (no save, etc...)

If they are within 2" of a unit they are part of the unit otherwise they must stay outside of 2".

They are treated as any other unit if no attached to one ie no targeting restrictions.

Force weapons now instant kill no reduce wounds to zero (no longer works on Tyrainds)

City Ruins - uses all the movement, shooting and blast rules from City Fight

Roads allow for double maximum speed

Speeds are Combat, Cruising and flat out they are 6", 12" and 18"

defensive weapons are now str 4 and below

At combat speed can fire one weapon and defensive weapons

At cruising speed may not shoot

Fast vehicle use the next level up ie combat speed weapons can fire at crusing speed, etc...

Blast weapons against vehicles same as normal with center hole. Direct fire weapons with blast use the facing of the vehicle to firer to determine AV value used. For Indirect it is the facing towards the center of the template used for AV.

One damage table whose results are shaken, stunned, weapon destroyed, immobilzed, wrecked (destroyed) and destroyed all models take str 4 hit within d6"

modifiers to the table -2 for glancing hit, -1 for AP - weapon, +1 for AP 1 weapon and +1 for open topped vehicle.

If vehicles are 50% concealed by terrain they get the cover save of the terrain (ie dug in Land Raider now has a 3+ cover save)

Smoke launchers give 5+ cover save.

Grenades can now be used against vehicles when assualting only get one attack regardless of profile hits as per normal. Assault grenades are d6 + 5 (frag) and Defensive grenades d6 + 4 (photon)

Dedicated transports can only start the game with the unit they were purchased for but once the game has started they can be used to transport anyone provided they can fit.

No entaglement, if forced to disembark it is a straight pinning test.

RAMMING! - Vehicles can now ram other vehicles. They can not shoot and must move as fast as they can. Str of attack is determinedby adding the AV number above 10 ie a Land Raider gets +4 no matter what side where as a Chimera get +2 on the frontand nothing for the side. Then add +1 for each full 3" the vehicle has traveled. ie 10" means +3 and finally add +1 if it is a tank. Therefore, a Land Raider moving 9" would hit an0ther vehicle with a Str 8 hit (+4 +3 +1 = 8)

Walkers are now treated as vehicles for firing weapons ie if they move 6" they can only fire
one and defensive weapons.

Walkers who are rammed can either brace for impact (works as normal for ramming) or "death or glory" (no change)

Special Rules
Eternal warrior - immune to instant death

Preferred enemy - re-roll failed to hit in HtH

Relentless - count as stationary even if moved for the purpose of shooting. Dreadnoughts are all relentless

There are only 3 missions which are:
Recon (close to old loot objectives, whoever has more at end of game wins),
Take and hold (obj in each deployment zone, whoever has more at end of game wins) and
Total annihilation (get more KPs, 3 KPs for HQs, 1 KP for troops and 2 KP for everything else. At the end add them up whoever has more wins)

An army’s scoring units are all the units that come
from its Troops allowance. There are only three
exceptions when a unit of Troops does not count
as scoring:
• if it is falling back at the end of the game
• if it is a vehicle
• if it has a special rule specifying it never counts
as scoring.

Deployment done by d6 type:
Spearhead: you play the above missions but with the table quarters set up. Roll off, the winner places his whole army down in one go, then the opponent does, but gets to go first, like Apoc.

Pitched battle: normal table halves, you cant deploy within 12 inches of the center line Deployment same as above.

Dawn of War: same as pitched battle, but roll off for deployment, and the winner places up to 2 troops and one HQ in ANY half. opponent does the same, so long as not within 12 of enemies. player who won the woll starts game. Any unit not held in reserves comes on "your table edge" on turn one, night fight for turn one.

Outflank: units in reserve that have the infiltrate or scout rule, you roll a dice: on a 1-2 that unit + dedicated transport if you like, comes on the left short edge, 3-4 its the right, 5-6 player chooses.

Deep Striking if they scatter off the board roll on table best case is opponent gets to place them.

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