Saturday, May 16, 2009

The new IG Codex and Demonhunters

With the release of the new guard codex I have been designing several new armies. Before the new 'dex was released I was working on some Grey Knights. I wanted to take this video and turn it into an army.

It occurred to me that having a new IG army with Demonhunters could be made into it and be a little more competitive army. So here is the new army that I'm working towards.

Coy Comd Squad with 4 Meltaguns (in the forum of multimelta servitors), Master of the fleet, Master of Ordanance and Astropath all in Carapace armour. Coy Comd with Plasma pistol and Power weapon (I will be using the Inq Corteaz model to make this guy, you should recognize hime from the video) mounted in Chimera

Preist with Eviserator

Grey Knight Brother Captain with Psyhic hood and Retinue of 3 Grey Knight Terminators one with a Psycannon

Inquisitor with Terminator armour, force weapon and psycannon

Veterans in Carapace with 3 plasmaguns mounted in Chimera
Veterans in Carapace with 3 Meltaguns
8 Grey Knights with 2 Psycannons and teleport homer

Fast Attack

Total just under 1700 pts with 3 scoring units and 13 KPs. I'm planning on taking the video off you tube and downloading (if anyone knows how to do this I would love the insight) it onto my iPod touch so that I can have it playing as part of my army display tray. Questions, comments welcome!

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