Friday, May 6, 2011

Wyche squad 1...FINISHED!

After much work the first squad of Wyches is finally finished. While these models are really fun to paint it is surprising just how time consuming they are lol. Never realized just how many little details are all over these figs. The unit I am really starting to dread painting now that I am finished half of my Wyches are the they are just Wyches with skyboards...sigh.

Overall I am really happy how they turned out and I am really liking how the colour scheme looks on these guys. They have the same scheme as the warriors but extra things like brown boots and their skin as well as the metal weapons really makes things 'pop' as it were.

Next Up: Ravagers!


keith said...

Brilliant as always Ghoulio! I really like the grey skin, ties in really well with the colour scheme.

Big_Willie said...

They look great Ghoulio, are you planning on doing a Tactica for them like you did for the Tyranids?

Ghoulio said...

Yeah, I think so. I only have about 16 games with them right now with a very limited model selection. Doing really well to date (14-1-1) but it currently isn't how I want to play my final list (it's currently just raiders and ravagers currently).

Awesome army though, retardedly fun to play and I am constantly shocked at how many builds you can make that are very effective. Great thing about the book is there isn't a right or wrong way of doing things, just 100% personal preference. The list I am going for at 2000pts is very unconventional. Web Way Portal list with tonnes of fast stuff coming out of the portal including a 240pts beastmaster unit (which I am working on as we speak) and an 18 man Hellion squad being led by the Baron Sarthonyx (he makes them troops).