Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dark Eldar Raiders!

It is that time of year again when work just 100% dies off lol. In the last 2 weeks I have painted more then the rest of the year combined (well...almost lol). I finished these two Raiders last week and I have almost finished my 3 Ravagers and my first block of 10 Wyches (both of which will be coming shortly). Overall I am pleased with how they turned out, although they are slightly darker then my original one (didnt notice till I was finished and held them up together lol). I still have to do their bases since the entire army has scenic bases, but I am going to do that after I get my 1500pts army finished. After this block of units I will have 20 Hellions, the Baron and my squad of Warp Beasts then everything I own for DE will be finished!


The Muffin Man said...

the sails are fantastic man. And id like to ask if you can take a look at the army list that i posted in your nidzila artical.

keep em coming, this is a lot of motivation for me on the work im doing on my DE.

Ghoulio said...

@ The Muffin Man: Thanks a bunch for the compliments. The sails are also my fav part of the models too. I am also going to do some white lettering on the sails once I have everything painted.

As far as the Tyranid List goes it isnt bad, but there are a couple places you could tighten it up. The big thing (in my opinion of course) is you put a bit too much focus on huge stealer squads with toxin sacs. I also think in this type of list that you really dont need the biovores as you need more heavy hitting stuff to make sure people dont focus on your Tervigons. Also, you really dont want to walk a Tyrant up by himself. I would either add wings, or in this list, I would add 2 Tyrant Guard (gives him 4 more wounds and now he can get cover saves from termagants). Lastly, I wouldn't take a single venomthrope. For me they need to be in larger squads to help spread their influence and increase their survivability.

I did a revision of what I would do for this size of list, so here it goes :)

Hive Tyrant - 2 x MC Devourers, Hive Commander
Tyrant Guard (2)

Hive Guard (2)
Hive Guard (2)

Tervigon - Cluster spines, Catalyst, Scything Talons
Tervigon - Cluster spines, Catalyst
Termagants (10)
Termagants (10)
Genestealers (10) - Toxin Sacs
Genestealers (10) - Toxin Sacs

Heavy Support


It gives you way more heavy hitters and gives you more versitily and options as you have hive commander (you can outflank up to 3 squads now). Hope that helps!