Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tervigon WIP #1

So...my horrible Tyranid addiction continues. I managed to get my hands on both of the new kits (Tervigon and Hive Tyrant) and I gotta say that they are easily two of the best kits that GW produces. I sadly put the Ymgarls on hold after seeing the new Tervigon as I HAVE to paint it so the last part of my 3 part series is still coming, just slightly delayed.

The first thing I started working on was the main body of the creature, specifically the Egg sacs. I ended up putting in close to 5 hours in total only because I was trying something new which really didnt work so I ended up redoing an entire side. Overall I am really happy with how its going and I am still deciding if I want to leave it as is or if I want to do some work to make it look like the Termagants are popping out (like the mebrane of the egg sac is somewhat translucent). Hopefully soon I will be able to get some more progress pics (just started on the brown) and I also am going to do a comparison shot of GWs Tervigon and my conversion (trust me...mine is WAY smaller lol).


Death Salvo said...

Very cool, love the paint on the egg sacs !!! I'm waiting for 2 new tervigons myself.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Any tips on assembly/painting would be way appreciated.

Ghoulio said...

@ Sean Ireland: The best advice I can give for this (or any of the huge Tyranid plastic beasts) is to build and paint it in sections (as you can see how I am doing with my Terivgon).

I just find these things are too difficult to hold and still get a good paint job if it is totally glued together.

So, for this guy I finished the head, the main body (with everything that will be part of it), both legs and cleaned up the 4 front arms (scything talons and its for legs).

Once you are done its just a matter of gluing it together and your are golden.