Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flying Hive Tyrant Finished!

After many hours of work (specifically on the wings..ugh lol) I finally finished this guy. I used the new Swarmlord's head instead of the normal Hive Tyrant head so to me it looks more like a "fin" (think Rocketeer). All I have left to finish now for the tournament is a single Hive Guard then my list is complete and Leviathan will be ready to kick ass and take names. Can't wait!


sn0zcumb3r said...

Any chance of a quick guide on how to paint it?
Thanks, great work

Ghoulio said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! As far as a guide on painting my Tyranids I am going to do one, but I will probably be waiting until the new Tyranid codex comes out in January as I am 100% focused on my Warmachine armies atm.