Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Swarm Grows! Flyrant WIP...

I bought this guy pretty much when the two new Tyranid kits came out with the purpose of magnatizing him so I can replace my two metal Tyrants (my regular Hive Tyrant and the Swarmlord). Then I opened the box and actually looked at the parts that made up the Flying Hive Tyrant...and that was all she wrote.  The wings fit into the should sockets incredibly well and are fantasically sculpted.  Very little clean up was involed with this guy and zero green stuff, which is something I can't say for the metal Hive Tyrants.  The quality of the two new Tyranid models is incredible to the point where I would say they are some of the finest kits GW makes. Both models come with virtually every last option you could want minus twin linked devourers for the Tyrant and regular fore-arms for the Tervigon since I will NEVER use scything talons lol. One other really nice thing about this kit is you dont need to build the entire thing and paint it in one go. Since it is plastic you can do it in pieces with ease, which is great.

I started working on him on Friday as I have a 1600pts 40k touranment next weekend which is the first tourney since November of last year that I have been able to go to.  I am really happy with how it is going and I am really proud of the base of this guy. I put in a bit more effort then I have recently since I went back and looked at just how BAD my Tervigons base is. I have actually stripped the Tervigons base and will be starting over from scratch, so expect to see pics very soon. I am working on the rest of the Tyrant as we speak and have already finished the Devourer arms and am now working on the legs. With any luck, specifically if I can say no to Diablo 3, I will have this monster done by tomorrow morning. Check back soon for the final model!

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Badjo said...

Hey man, nice work there! Bought the kit myself and was overly impressed by the quality. Big fan of your blog. Keep the posts coming and don't forget the third ymgarls part :)