Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tomb Blades Complete!

These were one of the sets of models that made me decide that I really wanted to play Necrons. I just loved the overall form and how they look genuinely alien and bizzare. They also carry through the "circular" aesthetic that the vehicles have very nicely which  love. I armed mine with Particle Casters so they would be a super cheap throw away unit but still deadly enough that the enemy would HAVE to deal with them (three super mobile, str 6 templates will do that...guard heavy weapon teams beware lol). The other reason for their lay out is that they only come in boxes of three but have a max unit size of five so I didnt want to waste one trying to max out the unit, so staying at three is where its at. So, here they are.

Next Up: The last model in the army...the mighty Ghost Ark!


Big_Willie said...

All I can hear when I look at these guys are pod racer noises from the phantom menace. That aside, they look great!

Ghoulio said...

LOL, I think the EXACT SAME THING! (I even make that sound when I move them on the board lol).