Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vengeance...that is DARK!

Literally all my friends have picked this set up and have started in on the fantastic models. They are easily the best starter set models save maybe Space Hulk I have ever seen. As anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time will guess there isn't a whole lot for Ghoulio here as I don't play Marines or Chaos.

With that in mind my friends have been sending me pics as they are progressing through the set and I have been very impressed with the stuff they have been doing. Slopes (one of the contributors of Legio) is almost finished his Hell Brute which is great and I cant wait to see. Until he posts that I wanted to show off my friend Jason's finished Dark Angels Tactical Squad. I love how this unit turned out and was probably the first time I actually said the words "Your Space Marines look should totally start an army of them". It was so cool in fact I wanted to share it on the blog. So here it is:


Dai said...

Very nice looking squad and the 1st I've seen fully painted. The gold shoulder emblems are a refreshing change.

40kaddict said...

Although I agree in most part that the figures are superbly sculpted the one aspect I'm not impressed is the Tactical squad. The sergeant is awesome, his face is one of the best face sculpts I've ever seen. the plasma guys are cool too

But your standard marines are a bit of a let down. The two Beaky marines offer a bit of variety but the remaining six are nigh identical. Compared to the Black Reach set these guys are a step back. There's no variety in the bolters except for tiny embossing on the sides - no straps or sights to make it slightly different.

The armour marks are the same with the only variety being the pipes on the helmets, the chest pipes and chest eagles but the differences are so slight you'd hardly notice.

Look back to Black reach and you had the straps and gun sights you had two extra variants on the knee pads and different helmets too so compared to the rest of the set I think you'll get much more variety as a unit from these. Even better is probably to mix and match the two sets for even more variety.

That being said despite the new proscribed position of all the terminators I put them next to the Black reach set where you can position the weapons any way you please and the Dark Vengeance minis look truly epic!

40kaddict said...

PS I love the painting.