Sunday, September 29, 2013

Protectorate Deliverers Done

These guys didn't take nearly as long as the Exemplar Errants.  They came out very nicely, and I even ordered another 2 blisters of them from just so I could have a unit of 10 of them if I wanted eventually.  PrivateerPress seems to have gotten into the habit of removing blisters of 2 figures in favor of just giving you a boxed set with the maximum unit size.  I agree with this, but it means that I would be stuck with a min unit AND a max unit if I wanted a larger one (as happened with the Errants).  Anyway we're set to go.  Next up will be the Wracks, and possibly the Reckoner. Also have to start eventually on magnetizing the plastic Crusader box..   

In a moment of weakness I bought the Protectorate Colossus, The Judicator.  Awesome figure but it'll take quite a while to work up the courage to paint them. 

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Ghoulio said...

Base your shit!

Looks awesome lol