Monday, September 2, 2013

Protectorate Errants Finally Done

I have finally finished my Protectorate Exemplar Errants...
These were perhaps my least favorite group of figures to assemble and paint.  Assembly was a pain in the butt, it was unclear the poses that would be good, I had to shave off parts of their armor to fit properly, and there is just SO MUCH baroque rubbish detail on them that painting was a chore.

I'm glad they do well in the Warmachine game, because I don't want to paint them again.  Unfortunately I may have to, as I have some plastic ones (that don't match sizewise) to make the unit up to its max of 10.

Looking forward to painting my Flameguard and Deliverer units for the very reason that I couldn't stand these guys.  In retrospect, they were OK.  The capes were cool, and some of the armor was nice, but good God so many little bits of junk on them..

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