Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beginning the Big Guy: Judicator Colossal

Well, I was in the office doing some 3D printing (more on that later), and figured I'd just go ahead and start the Judicator. Really cool model.  There's still lots of snow here in NY, so I can't prime any of the blank figs just yet, so its just cleaning.

Open the box, and here's what you get.  There is a huge base and even a large cardboard wreck market underneath all this.  No instruction manual, but there is a single sheet assembly sheet.  Not bad, but many of the pieces look the same, especially in the middle.  Just check out how many pieces there are for this guy.. 

Lots of pieces, and all the pieces have some kind of flash on them.  There's a few metal pieces, but most of them are a resin.

Sometimes there is so much flash that it becomes hard to know what is actually model, and what is flash.  Happily most of the pieces are doubled so you can tell what's what.  Here's one of the fists with large flash tubes on it.

Shoulder pads with loads of flash.  The resin is pretty easy to cut off, but there are sometimes small air bubbles in some of the edges.  I'll have to use greenstuff to fill them in, unless I can find a better filler.

Inner shoulder. When you cut off the flash, the parts are fantastic to look at. This dude is going to look awesome, but there are lots of large blank sheets to put some fun detail painting on.


Ghoulio said...

I hear you dude. My mountain king took over 5 hours to build. So many mold lines and I had to completely rebuild a bunch of joints. Love the big PP kits though. Building a battle engine, looks awesome, same thing. Can't wait to see you put it together.

greedo said...

Thanks man. Yeah your MK was an inspiration. Which filler do you use? I'll check the post. Greenstuff is great for sculpting, but I'm looking for something I can carve once I've filled in air pockets.