Monday, February 17, 2014

Continuing the Big Guy: Judicator

An update on the Judicator project.  I finished all the cleaning (including some that required a dremel tool).  Also green stuffed some of the more egregious pock marks and air pockets in the resin.  Here are some pics.  Still waiting for the snow to melt so I can prime everything in black. My green stuff skills are improving but still hard to use.  The photos look worse than they are.  Perhaps I should invest in better sculpting tools to get it into the cracks.

These are the mini assemblies that I will prime, paint and then glue together.  Not sure if I'll need to pin any of them.  One thing about the Warmachine 'Jacks is they have really thin mid sections. Hope the big guy doesn't break in half..

One of the worst pock marks required me to rebuild the pointy section to make it look Protectorate enough.  Should be good enough.

Filled in cracks here.

 Needed a dremel to remove the flash pipes on the left knee pad.  The right one is what it was "supposed" to look like.  At least it fits now.

Even if my green stuff skills are not great, at least they wont' be that visible.  Even here on the arm guards, the GS is on the bottom.

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