Saturday, February 15, 2014

Temple Flameguard Plastic Review

I've started gluing together my new Protectorate Flameguard, and I figured since these are new figs, that I'd keep a record.

First off, group shot.  These figs are great.  First of all, they are far less complicated than the Examplar Errants.  They fit well, and the sculpts are wonderful.

 Also, again unlike the Errants, these figs are easy to figure out which arms go with each torsos.  Each arm is keyed which makes it even easier.

Note that the arms fit PERFECTLY.  I did trim the end off the key, but otherwise a perfect fit.  And no weird armor interfering with other pieces.

Rear shot, there was a little flash, but nothing some primer and paint shouldn't remove.  Also note something I'm not so keen on, the bent spear.

You can see the bent spear problem here.  Unsure what to do about it, although this is a common problem with Greek Hoplite figs. Perhaps I could mount some stiff steel wire to the underside..

Here is the mounting amount of unpainted Protectorate figs that I've finally glued together.  In you can see the Flameguard, the Flameguard standard bearer and unit leader, 4 more Deliverers (to bring my unit up to full strength), and an Errant Exemplar with his ridiculous flags folded in.  I'll show in another post.


Dai said...

Wouldn't the hot water treatment help with the bent spears? Just dip the offending part into a freshly boiled cup of water, then straighten it out whilst it's drying.

I remember the old metal flameguard.... such a pain.

Anonymous said...
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greedo said...

Hey Dai,
You were correct, hot water straightened 'em good. I posted the results in the next post! Thanks for the tip.