Thursday, April 16, 2015

Epic Madrak Complete!

Slowly but surely I am working through my casters in my Trolls (I own them all). As I mentioned earlier my newest tournament pairing is Calandra and epic Madrak. I posted Calandra last week so its time to show off her partner, Madrak. I went fairly simply with his paint scheme doing the standard rust armor with gold accents. In the Troll fluff Sorcerers are Albinos. I showed that with eGrim (more of a pinky colour) and with eMadrak I went even further with more of a white. I also decided that since Rathrok is a magic weapon I didnt want it to be covered with the same rust the normal stuff in this army is, so I made it look new. I think I am going to go back to pMadrak and update him so he looks like his epic version as I think he looks as I have never been really happy with how he looks. Anyways, here he is:

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