Friday, December 28, 2012

A Trip Down Ghoulio Lane

I was back in Canada for the holidays. Was able to have an AWESOME game day with BigWillie.  3 games in a single day.  Flames of War 3rd ed, Axis and Allies, and I showed them Force on Force for the first time.  Great stuff.  Hoping to see the pics soon.

But while I was tidying up the basement, I found a bunch of stuff from our old high school/college days playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd, and 4th editions.  I'm giving all my (my brother's actually, but he doesn't play anymore) undead to BigWillie since his buddy plays still.  But before we move on, I wanted to show some photos of this old stuff that was such a part of our early years...

First up, my brother's undead horde.  Some great figures, and not all of them either. There was a whole unit of mummies and wraiths I forgot to photo.  In my own collection, there were plenty of Skavan heroes, and other random stuff (old Dwarf Flame Cannon and Gyrocopter for starters).

The skeletons to start things off.  Constructed from an awesome skeleton box that had an entire army in it for not much money.

Wraiths and some Ghouls

Carrion Birds and Death riders..

Sweet Zombie Dragon.

Arkhan the Black I don't think he's in existance anymore.  Pity, a great model.

The Skull Chucker Catapaults

Next up my orcs that I wasn't able to bring down to California.  I'll be picking them up to sell at a later date..

Possibly my favorite scratch built model ever, a goblin mole machine.  Originally designed as a "digger" for Fantasy Rules! 2nd Ed.  I was looking for something to play other than WHFB, and found Fantasy Rules! Although we never really played the game, I built this guy as I had a left over 40k Gretchen doing nothing.  FR also got me into DBA once I had some ancients, so that started a whole historical thing.  You can also check out all my old orcs and goblins on this photo page (created so I could sell them on barter town more easily):

Some savage Orc Boar Boyz

I thought I was sooo funny back then.  The original savage orcs also had smiley faces on their shields etc. and one my Bretonnian Knights was painted as a dairy cow camo (no pics of him but I still own the  unit. 

I forget which Orc warlord this is, but the banners were my own..

A home made Snotling Pump Wagon.  Note that you can take the base of snotlings out of it and then use them as regular snotlings if you so choose.

Rock Lobber

Some random Fanatics and Goblin Wolf Riders.  My fanatics and savage orc boyz (which I sold earlier this year) were the only thing my poor army really had going for it!

I don't think they use these guys anymore, but they were magical beings to help your wizard cast spells

I also dug up my old Bloodbowl Team, which I brought with me back home in case people here want to play again (I sucked at this game).  They are known as the "Orcland Orl Blacks" and even have the black uniform and white stripes.  Some of my best Orc paintjobs, and my favorite minis.  The Kamikaze Lineman, and the Savage Orc Blocker with Face Tattoos being among the better ones.

And even some Bretonnian Ships for Man O War.  My old scratch built cork fleet that Ghoulio and BigWillie won't forget did not survive the years, and these days I'd use Spanish Main ships for micro fighting sail like this, but a fun game anyway.  


Ghoulio said...

We sure loved colour back then lol

Anonymous said...

WHFB form 3th and 4th editon has been feaking awesome.

tenpole said...

Love your home made Pump Wagon