Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eldar Wraithlord Complete!

As I mentioned yesterday I have been altering what I have been painting to help keep things fresh. I have really been enjoying working on my Eldar lately and have a bunch of new stuff for them in the works.

The first main thing I wanted to finish was this Wraithlord who has been sitting in stages of completion for AGES lol. I finally hunkered down while my wife and son were on holiday and finished him. This is the first part in a big Ulthwe update that I want to complete before the rumored Eldar Codex which is supposed to be out this year (just want to have to work on new stuff).


Stahly said...


GDMNW said...

And very nice it is too.

I think you've done a sterling job with it. The painting is good but the base is just that little bit better. Black and white are tough colours too.

Should we expect any more Eldar?

keith said...

Looks great! Especially the colour pattern.

Also the idea of swapping between projects is an excellent idea. Consider it stolen.

Ghoulio said...

Hey Guys, thanks for the comments!

@GDMNW: Yes, you should expect to see quite of bit of Eldar this year. I am almost done a new Dark Reaper squad as well as just starting a major Forge World Project to add to the old Ulthwe to breath a bit of life into them. Can't wait to really get going on it :)

@keith: Steal away good sir. Been working really well for me to date. Been awesome keeping things fresh and low stress since all my armies are very playable.