Friday, March 29, 2013

Dark Reaper Exarch....Complete!

I have been working away at about 5 different projects all at the same time and I managed to get a good block of time yesterday just to work on this guy.

Basically, for all my Aspect Warriors for my Ulthwe army I didnt want to do the usual colours for them (ie orange for Fire Dragons, Blue for Dire Avengers, etc.). Instead I wanted to incorporate them into the Ulthwe Colour scheme, changing things up slightly so they are still unique while still having
 a combination of White, Red and Black. So here is the "Ulthwe" take on the Dark Reapers:

Next Up: I am almost done the rest of this guy's squad so hopefully I will be able to post pics of that soon. I am also working on the Warmachine Starter set (speed painting, so they look *okay* lol) and a special large Eldar project I am really excited about which will hopefully be finished shortly as well.

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