Monday, June 17, 2013

Epic Doomshaper Complete!

Now that I have most of my beasts complete for my small warband I decided it was time to get a Warcaster complete to go with them. Right now I have two Warcasters, Epic Doomshaper and Madrak. I decided since we were doing our "Mangled Tooth" lists (ie just Warbeasts/Warjacks and a caster) I would paint Doomshaper up as he is the Troll's best beast support caster. It also helps that I really like the model.

After processing the pics I realized just how over exposed they are and also coming to the conclusion that my camera phone just isnt getting the job done. Time to go back to the drawing board and get my actual camera up and running again. One of these days I will get pictures of my miniatures that I am actually happy with lol.

Next Up: Switch back to Eldar by taking a look at the codex in how it relates to Ulthwe and some WIP of a Wraithknight!

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