Monday, July 22, 2013

Mountain King...Complete!

So, enough of this dicking around with WIP pics! Time to post some final shots of this monster.
In addition to completing this guy I also managed to get a game in with him against my friend Scott. I personally played it very poorly, making mistakes left right and center, especially with positioning and planning for the next turn. It was a miracle that I won the game (no seriously, the dice gods intervened...watching Scott roll snakes eyes 3 times and then 3 x 1's for a boosted attack in the last two turns when trying to make assassination attempts was painful). That being said the MK was AWESOME lol. He managed to kill 3 or 4 beasts and came one hit box away from killing his caster with his deadly roar, good times! Going to have to do a small re-shuffle to the list to make it more my play style, otherwise it was great!


Anonymous said...

Looks like crap!
Blue crap. hahahahahaha

keith said...

Looks awesome! Really liking the colour combination.