Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dozer and Smig WIP #1

I got a good 5 hours of painting over the weekend on this guy. I decided like any of the bigger models I have painted I was going to paint this guy in sections. One of the really nice things about him is how seamlessly his joints fit together, so its a non issue keeping him in pieces. The first thing I am going to finish is the main body. Once that is done then I can start adding all the extra pieces like his cannon and Smig. Here are some pics of the initial round of WIP shots.

I am hoping to get some more work this week, specifically on the armor. Once that is done it will just be small details and finished.

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greggles said...

I really like these kits. I picked one up for an ork 40k conversion. Your paintjob is really well done, and really showcases how beautiful the sculpt is!