Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adama falls!!

In a daring move Gub's Orks backed up by a great deal of Xeno/Heretic support launched a successful planet strike against Adama. This would have bee a crippling blow if it wasn't for the opening of several new warp lanes to allow for the Imperials to regroup. The other planet strike that failed was Twinlinked's Necrons attempted to take Hersaded. It looks like the Imperials are finally getting their act together and the loss of Adama is really starting to make all the Imperials commanders realize that they are going to have to start working together. I've voted that Sallieman be made the new Lord Marshall of the Locara sector, but we will have to see if other Imperial commanders agree. It looks like I'm going to get my wish and face off against Gub and his Orks again, just this time it is going to be a boarding action. This means I may have a chance to win some good pts and help out the Imperial side.

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