Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Return to Locara

For the last month or so the Ottawa 40k community has started a campaign called "Return to Locara." I've never had the chance to play in a campaign of this complexity and number of people playing. The head guru of this campaign is also the main reason why Ottawa has a fantastic major tournament "The Game Summit" which runs a winter and summer skirmish. Thanks for all the work Orbital101. Rules are fairly simple, you have to play the same Army book throughout and you have to be on either the Imperial or Xeno/Heretic side. Games can be played against anyone so long as they are on the other side and you can report 3 games per week. 3 pts for a win, 2 for a tie and 1 for a loss. There are a couple of other ways to gain pts and it doesn't have to be 40k that you play it can be any 40k based game (Space hulk, Epic, Inq and Rogue Trader). The pts are then turned in for moving around in the sector or conducting planetstrikes and boarding actions. One of the big things that I was surprised about was how much more I'm enjoying playing a campaign vs tournament play. I know that I still have a bit of the old "go out and thump your opponent" but it's starting to fade. One of the major things I've noticed is that it is harder to organize all the campaign players than I would have thought. Not to say that there hasn't been an effort one of the local guys even started our own Imperial Forum so we can coordinate our defense and restoration of peace in the Locara sector. I've attached a copy of the campaign map below so that you can follow our progress. In turns of games I've been playing against lots of Orks lately and been fairly lucky which has generated some good points. I'm looking forward to having some more good games and playing in the next tournament in support of the campaign on 28 Feb.

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sovietspace said...

Oh how I love a map campaign, just looking at it is enough to get me excited!

Good luck with your imperial forces, please keep us updated with your progress!